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hi how long have you been a member of barnmice
if you guys are under 20 you should join my group "Riders under 20 :D Young riders unite!!!
Hi Hannah, nice to meet you!
You can join lots of groups and conversations here. Everyone is really friendly. :)
Hi! =)
ok, well i have 5 horses. Kelli is a canadien, lola and cara are quarter horses.we also have a poney but he is geting put down because he is in pain he can barley walk. Sorry that i left its because my mom got mad at me for being on the computer for a long time. I live in kamloops in cherry creek.
What time is everyone on? My horse is Loulous Star A.K.A. Lola she is 5 and i taught her to rear.
Hi, I know where Cherry Creek is, I live in Grand Forks BC. Sorry to hear about your pony, but it's probably kinder to put him down than keep him around, in pain. I don't think teaching a horse to rear is a very good idea, and lots of people will think the worst of it, but I used to have a pony that would rear, and it was just like a Lipizzan doing a levade, she could hold that pose for quite a while. It was fun to do, and she was never dangerous with it.


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