Your Journey to Savvy TM (J2S) - Guided Distance Coaching with a Licensed Parelli Instructor

The first instalment of my new program J2S Your Journey to SavvyTM is a hit!  The progress, highlights and learning of the participants who joined January 1st are incredible. Everyone is making time to get out there and braving the elements to play with their horse and work on their horsemanship. Lots of sharing and supportive exchanges going on. Check out some of the comments below!

This has been such a success, I will be offering another session starting May 1st.

Details and subscription forms are posted on

or email for more info

What is J2S Your Journey to Savvy?

It is a unique group coaching and support program which does not require you to leave home and allows you to learn under the guidance of a Licensed Parelli Professional; it also provides access to a community of like-minded aspiring natural horsemen and women.  Through homework, weekly group hang outs and coaching, you will be able to keep advancing your skills, stay inspired and motivated and share your experience and successes with other students in the program.

Your questions will be answered and you will no longer find yourself ‘stuck’ with no idea on how to start moving forward again.  The homework and challenges will spark your imagination, help you develop your leadership and deepen your relationship with your horse.

It can be done anywhere, anytime and only requires a commitment to learn and the desire to participate (… and an Internet connection).

If your horse is recreation for you, can you be recreation for your horse?

What are the students saying?

A SAFE place to learn and share, wow, it’s priceless!

I really like your leadership and direction in the group Genevieve. I have already progressed more with my horse in the first week than the previous six months (or longer). I thought the homework gave me a lot to think about … but then there was the hangout!

I definitely think the combination of this group and the video coaching is going to keep me motivated and progressing the next few months. The only bad thing will be deciding which one I enjoy the most.

Something tells me we are all going to be making some pretty life-changing strides over the next four months…

I LOVE the J2S group.  Believe it or not, I’m actually participating more in my personal horsemanship journey already than I have in a very, very long time.  And that is against all sort of odds (weather, work, etc.) 

Sometimes it is overwhelming all the tools available in Parelli and how to know which one to do or use and when, I struggle with that. The other best way is to have a PP and this group is amazing as well… it motivates and gives you a task and much, much more!  

Genevieve, the J2S group coaching is a brilliant idea! It has offered a great way to stay motivated, challenged and connected through a long cold winter.

Details and subscription forms are posted on

or email for more info


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