what if you ould design your own horse what colour wha height wat intrest it likes doing and who would ride it would it be your mum dad friend family or yourself think about it really hard and if you have a pic of it send it in i would lve to see it

Caroline :)

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My dream horse would be a dark gray with dapples. I have always wanted one...
I really like 'grade' rescue horses. Most people would say that they're no good for anything, but I've found that they really surprise you at what they can do.

My horse was rescued from a meat pen at an auction. She had some chronic misbehaviors such as bucking, rearing, biting and kicking, and a lot of people said that she should go back to the meat pen because she would never amount to anything and I'd never get her to behave. She still has her moments, but for the most part she is amazing at everything she does.

She and I compete in dressage, equitation, hunters over fences, jumpers, endurance racing, and competitive trail riding. She loves all of it!

Nothing beats taking an unwanted horse and turning it into something that everyone else dreams of having. She's my dream in reality.
awww thats cute and she is a god looking horse and the photo is good.
my dream horse is a jet black gelding with 3 white socks and a blaze can jump 1 m 10..does dressage, hunting,and everything else..the height would b around 15.3hh-16.3hh...i've always wanted a horse like that..but i still love SPARKIE AND INDY AND MALLY AND SAKATA..

Court xx


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