write down your fav tipe of horse and a colour u like on that horse

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ok well it is welsh Mountain Pony and a buckskin!!!I don't really like Cheasnuts but my mum has 1 so yeah!!

U DNT LIKE CHESTNUTS! I have a chestnut. :( (lol jokes) I like Chestnuts anf blacks, i think that green goes nice on both chestnut and blacks
i love chestnut australian pony (thats honey
My favorite colours on a horse are bay, dun, buckskin and I LOVE spots :D
I also really like dark greys with dapples :)
Pippi and Black or Purple
I'm a sucker for a grey, but I won't object to any other colour either...
i like chesnuts and bays and blacks the most..and on a chesnut red and on a bay navy blue and on a black green..
but i LOVE all colours and beeds...

Court xx


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