This may be controversial, but are we all sometimes a bit guilty of abuse?
For example, have you ever watched a "professional" or anyone else mistreating a horse, but you said nothing? Or have you ever yelled at or maybe even hit your horse out of your own frustration? I think even the most compassionate among us might be able to answer "yes" to those questions, even though we may feel sick with guilt afterward.
Just thought I'd bring up that challenging topic.

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You've made a good point.I've watched someone mistreat a horse and stepped in to stop it.I sure didn't win any friends over it and don't care either and then promptly took my horse out of that stable within days, it took that long to find another one.I didn't want my horse to have the same treatment met out to her while I was not around.Some people mean well with some training methods.I've yelled at my horse, when she was misbehaving and nearly injured me ,..and felt really badly afterwards ( guilty).I would never take my anger out on her though, I've learned how to deal with that kind of behaviour now .It was lack of training on both of our part and I look back on it as a learning tool.
How did the person respond? Was he/she a professional? That type of thing is a real worry because the students look to their coaches for guidance and will assume a certain behaviour is ok because a coach is doing it.
She was the type of person who uses her body for how do I put it,hmm, intimidation.You know the type, chest stuck out, chin out.She is an owner of a large stable, teaches and is very set in her ways."My way or the highway."She rules, and is very proud of her method of intimidation.It doesn't work for any horse or human.All it does is frighten the animals and gets them uptight as well not encouraging students to come back.She told me that she has been dealing with horses for 25 years and how long had I owned my horse?It wasn't my horse that she was beating on , but, he was in his stall and his only crime was not moving out of her way when she opened his door to feed him.She had a bucket in her hand and he was crowding her., following too close.He wore that bucket around his head a number of times , all the while I was shouting for her to stop.
Most students that she has left are young and the parents usually stay to watch the lesson, thankfully.The atmosphere was always tense around there and thankfully, it was a good reason to get out of there.We are in a great place now, my horses are so happy and healthy and so am I !
I give you a lot of credit because it is extremely difficult to confront someone like that. It sounds like she is just a disgusting bully. I must admit, to my great shame, that there have been times in the past when I have wanted to say something to people, but was too intimidated. A few years ago, I had a confidence-building experience (outside of riding) that showed me NEVER to be intimidated again. At this point in my life, I would ALWAYS speak up on behalf of the horse, because if I don't, who else will?!
Thank you.Don't be too hard on yourself because it's not easy to confront bullies as you never know how things are going to go.Sometimes it's better to walk away and call the authorities and let them deal with it.I'm glad that you have had that experience to boost your confidence.I had to act in my incidence because I couldn't bear the look in this poor boy's eye and his owner was away for a few months, so he had no one to protect him.The woman was and still is a bully and she is not going to change.If she wasn't twice my size , it would have come to blows.I was that angry, but she has a short fuse and I didn't want to be thrown out on the road with 2 I decided to get even.I left and let people know what happened.She is suffering now because of it with a half empty barn.
Thats great. I've gotten slapped over the face with a dressage whip because I stepped between a horse and her rider beating her with it. The mare was innocently eating her hay, she got scared because the girl ripped the velcro on her blanket and she spooked and ripped the blanket, so that was the excuse to slap her over the head with a whip. I couldnt let that happen, and I got hurt for it...which was a bit good because then it was assault and charges WERE filed for the horse's sake.
Unfortunately I'm still at that particular barn because there's quite frankly no where else to go near my house. We're looking but it's hard, and their not even allowed near my horse, not that they could. He'd kick the heck out of them if they came near him with a whip. He know's who his mommy is.
ya, i dee people hit their horses over the stupidest things, like not picking up their hoof, or not holding still. but i also think there is a point where you do need yo punish your horse if it is being bad.
I totally understand your point. It sickens me, but I too have yelled or maybe smacked my precious boy when it was my fault. I know he still loves me and I ALWAYS apologize with a apple and a hug, and he always forgives me but doesnt make it any better. Nobodys perfect, and the people who think they are need to get off their soap box and examine their own life.


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