Man In Gorgetown, Ont. Is Killing Horses! You can buy and savetheir lifes from $300-$600 each so If your looking for a horse you could save just one!!!!

I live in Burlington, Ont. and a man up in Gorgetown Is fattening up around 30-50 horses and is going to hang them upside down and slit their throats. Some members of Barnmice have saved some but Iff your looking to buy you could save one!!! They range in price baised on size and age from $300 - $600. So I beg you If you are looking for a horse to buy buy and save one of them! They need you! :( Some of them are of good quality as well.... and al are so pretty! I don't have all the details I've just recently been informed but please look into it! Thanks!
- rebecca Schonski!

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WTF? People can do this kind of thing..... gross... he needs to be hung upside down and his throat slit... how can this be a legal thing to do... comeon.
I know.... :( Do you know of anybody that might be interested in buying some people from this websuite have already bought some ? :(
Is this post a joke!

Did anybody called the Ontario OSPCA on this guy. This is against the law, this is animal cruelty. I don't believe anyone would do this and think that they would get a away with it.
Slaughter is legal in Canada but is this legal to do by an individual like this?
Does anyone know if this is really going on?
yeah, I'm pretty sure they can't do anything bout it cuz it's like his land and tonnes of other s**t that dosen't matter....


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