A horse has been rescued by the Coast Guard in California after it headed out to sea during a photo shoot at the beach near Santa Barbara. 

The Arabian horse, "Air of Temptation" who goes by the name William, became panicked during the shoot and bucked off its rider. It swam about two miles out to sea. Harbor Patrol and the Santa Barbara Coast Guard had to secure the horse to the side of the boat to bring it back to shore.

The horse was exhausted when it arrived on shore, but it was thought to be otherwise well and is resting for a few days at a nearby equine hospital.

Horses can swim but William had never gone swimming in his life, his owner Mindy Peters told the Huffington Post. She assumed he was lost forever: "I had to pull over in my car. I just started bawling."

Some rig workers spotted the horse and let rescue crews know where he was.  "It was a real needle-in-a-haystack kind of find," Ryan Kelly, a Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol Officer, told NBC. "He looked like every other bird that was just sitting on the water."




Still photos are available at BBC News.

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Any word on whether the rider survived the shock of their horse swimming out to sea?

Report says it was an Arabian, now the story makes more sense, he was hoping to swim back to Arabia no doubt.

:-)  - No they didn't mention the rider's emotional state, but I can just imaging how I'd feel if I saw my horse heading out to sea!


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