What are your horses breed, name, color, and your favorite part about them?

I have 6 horses and my fingers would fall off trying to write that much!!! So I will do one, my favorite one. Aspen is an Arabian-Paint cross. Her name is Aspen (as I just said) She is a white/grey horse. She gets dapples in the winter and it is so beautiful. My favorite part about her is that she trusts me and only me which creates a very good bond between us. She does anything I ask her to. If I pull her head towards a bunch of cattle she would be fine, a bunch of running wolves she would be fine. (Maybe a little exaggerated but you get the point). She is just overall amazing and when I first got her you couldn’t even touch her thanks to her old owners but she has came so far and loves everyone especially the one who feeds her (aka me)

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