Do you see God when you are working with your horses?? Does God revel himself in any way to you?? Got any stories??
I know that when I am out riding or even just brusing my horses, I see God in everything. God made my horses ( and all of my other animals!!), He makes the pastures green and the danilions grow, He made the wood the makes up my barn and fences, God is everywhere! Also, I see God when my horse walks up to me a this sudden peace falls over me. God is truely amazing!!!

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God is can anyone say there is no God when all we have to do is look at the sunrise and set, feel the gentle breezes on our cheeks, listen to a baby cry (animal or human), watch a bird fly, see the moon and stars, I could go on. What about mountains? All of creation crys out acknowledging God's existance in worship and praise. God is everywhere, all knowing, always with us. There is no where to run from God, where He canl't find us. We may think we can hide but we can't, He always finds us. Sooner or later we have to make our peace with Him, I chose sooner and made my peace with Him. Life is better because of it. He reveals himself and teaches me about life and how He wants me to respond using my six Morgan horses, I always wondered why He chose the morgans, for me it was their sensitivity and personality that reached my heart. All I have to do is look into those big eyes of theirs and all peace surrounds me and I become still and calm.
Hi ladies! I just noticed that this group existed. How wonderful! What a great place to share our highs and lows, and to pray for each other.

I am almost moved to tears when I sit and watch my horse. It amazes me how God created such a stunning animal as the horse. I see His beauty everywhere, in all His creation, but there's something about a horse that stirs my heart :o)
Amen!! I agree, I think that the horse really is God's most amazing creature!!!
God created all creatures as equal, but surely there is no creature on earth more noble than the horse!
I agree!!!
These days I hear so many people complaining about their horses misbehaviors, and getting upset if their horse does not perform for them as well one day than the next.They get so caught up in the minor details that they forget the big picture. They forget or never really knew that no matter how difficult the task, God has given it to you because he knows that you can succeed, and that you will be a better person because of it.
Ya, I agree fully.
The love we receive from our horses and their unconditional giving is a tribute to the beauty of God's gifts to us.
Amen. Nice wording.
I agree
Hello,I am so happy to share my feelings with people who believe.I do feel gods presence in the beauty of my farm the trees the birds my Beloved horses!I hear him in the breeze on a warm sunny day.I see him in my Horses who to me are so very ANGELIC.He speaks in such a quiet tone it is simply poetic.Thank You for reading.Tammie GAA


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