1.You remember braiding pom poms into a show mane & tail
2.You keep buying taller step stools to replace mounting blocks...
3.You remember the land of time before cell phones & computers

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I remember the last 2 out of three.
1. You still have tack you bought from the Kauffman or Millers catalogues.
2. You remember about the Forward Seat.
3. You refuse to ride your horse behind the bit (and you know what this means and why it is bad.)
4. You remember the time before the "miracles of modern medicine" when horses were allowed time to recover from injuries and illnesses (we had no choice.)
5. You remember rarely feeding alfalfa in any form, reserving it for horses that needed a "pick me up".
6. You remember being limited in bit choice to a few snaffles, curbs and pelhams, nothing fancy.
7. You remember when dressage riders were almost as rare as hen's teeth.
All your coaches are 20 years younger than you, the more experienced ones 10.
All the stretching you do gets you no closer to mounting off the ground.
You remind yourself that you should have started riding a lifetime ago.
You remember when Wheelbarrels only Had one wheel.
You still remember your CB name
Phones had cords, and never left the house
You dried your hair by driving your convertible around the neighborhood
OH MY!! You nailed that one Cindi! LOL! Thanks for the giggle!
You're not embarrassed to ride with an "oh #$%@!" strap around your horse's neck.
Number two plus the tail gate of a pickup!
When you refer to your original Trainer, no one is old enought to know the name
You cringe when you hear your self informing a client you have over 40 years experience
You are old enough to be the mother or grandmother of nearly every rider at the barn.
Your own kid(s) are older than almost every rider at the barn.
You and your riding friends are refered to as the Galloping Grannies


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