OK where else can you brag and share your favourite horsey pics. from past or present? please post your absolute best shots!! best memories, newborns, fancy show pics, etc .Go Ahead Brag A Bit! we're all in the same boat here!!

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Hi everybody,
I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sam, and I board my horse with Jo Criddle. I've been riding dressage for a long time, and used to compete with a horse named Merlin who is the white horse in the picture. That picture was taken on New Year's day in 2001, and sadly he passed away in May of that year. I still miss him! And the other one is of my horse (he's a little bit crazy!) Lancelot, whom I also used to compete with. He was a lot to handle at shows, and so I switched to riding Merlin at the time. Merlin was the sweetest horse, and he made my confidence level improve, and after he passed away, Jo convinced me to give Lance another shot. Since then, we worked hard on improving, and I even had the opportunity to buy him (my very first horse!) and hopefully we will show together this summer. That is if he's not too crazy :)
HI Sam - welcome to Dressage Niagara - I hope you have your membership already for this years show season, and please keep checking the website, and Emails (to members), or the Facebook Group, EMG or Barnmice, for notices on Group Activitiies, Clinics and Show updates!!! please come &introduce yourself at any of the events!! happy dressage!! Louise
Hi Lousie,
I have just sent my membership in, I had to wait to fill it out because I wasn't sure if I would be able to compete this year due to my job. But I think I am able to. I had a question about the schooling fee. If I take my horse to the first show just to school him, not to compete, do I fill that out on the competition entry form? Thanks :) It's nice to meet you and I'll see you sometime this summer!! Sam
Yes, you'll need to submit an entry form for the first (May) show - & just indicate the schooling fee instead of any classes entered. you will still need to wear a number, and check in with the show office. hope to see you then. Louise


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