i use peoples fave photos to create portraits in acrylic, and would like to develop my life drawing skills. any tips? what do you guys prefer? :-)
this painting is my latest from the photo next door. its acrylic on canvas, and is of my friends horse i was riding for a while, twisty, a quarter horse. i love this painting and she does too, its installed permantently beside her bed

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this is a great start to a portrait, I think you just hve to make sure you look at the shapes in the head try converting the image to blk and white its amazing how many things you pick up this way.

have to ask how did you get the iamges to attach??? I tried to attach images but nothing happened???
Hi Lucy,
I really like your work!
thanks barbara thats my fave painting! i am a student at college and i dont have much time to paint portraits (i do art so when i paint it seems to be for this mostly) and this was my first for a long time :-)
hi catherine thanks for that il try that next time and i also, love your pastel of the freisian stallion, i had a nose at your website earlier!

urm when i started the reply or post it said beneath this typing box underlined Upload files . i clicked on this and it changes to Attach file, with browse boxes beneath. i can then go though select and attach pics from my pcs files.

do you ever draw from life? i love photos, but want to develop movement further, and not sure how to do this without taking series of photos, my cameras prety slow and awkward

thanks hope that helped x
I would try making the lines on the horses face a little bit lighter, if u look at the pic. u will notice that the lines aren't actually as strong... otherwise it's a fantastic picture!
I tried drawing from life once, but the horse kept on moving and then he actually ate my paper!
A Medicine Hat! wow, You did a great job painting this horse, I bet Twisty was fun to ride.
there are some great books on drawing from life. In one, the guy starts out with just dots for joints, connected by lines. It's pretty cool. If I say it right, he chooses a starting point, like the line of the neck and back, from there the joints are just a dot and a line connecting them, he drew the hooves. After he caught that much, he could fill in the rest later. I practised doing this once until i was good at it, but now I'm rusty again. I actually sat and watched television at night, catching as much action as I could while a scene was on. It's amazing how fast things leave the screen...but it's great practise, you try to get your mind to remember and hold onto as much AS YOU CAN. mY CAT IS helping me type here....
Good job! I also use photos for my work, there is no way I could ever find a good pose while they are walking around!

Just remember when using a photo, there is a margin of distortion, the part closest to you will be humongous compared to the furthest part. I have to use photoshop to lessen the head while increasing the hindquarters if the photo is a horse facing you.


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