Can anyone tell me about the Irish Draft Stallion Glidawn Diamond. I hae one of his daughters and she is coming 5. I would be great to know a little more about him.




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Glidawn Diamond, by King Of Diamonds, competed himself. Glidawn Diamond is a full brother to the approved stallions; Diamond Lad (sire of Heather Blaze- Canadian Airlines Challenge, Calgary. King George V Gold Cup at Hickstead, UK. Pavoritti’ Nations Cup. Millstreet Derby etc.), Diamonds Are Trumps (sire of Can Can- world cup finalist) Kildalton Gold and Kildalton King.

Glidawn Diamond’s full sister Kildalton Rose, is the dam of the multiple international winner Convent Hill Diamond (British Speed Grand Prix, Pavortti Speed Champion etc.)
Thank you- I knew I had something special, I am going to start competing her baby novice this summer. I also feel lucky to have a granddaughter of Kildaton Gold- her sire is Cradilo, son of Kildaton Gold. I will be competing her Novice this summer. She is coming 6.

Thanks for your reply

A good source of information is a series of books by Nicholas O'Hare.
He has a whole book on the King of Diamonds and his progeny.
The edition I have is dated 2002 and to summarise the information:
* Foaled in 1982, a son of Kildalton Countess, bred by Kildalton College
* 401 registered foals (note date)
* An athletic horse who competed himself and produced winners
* In 1995 had six of his progeny in the Boomerang final at Millstreet.
Some good breeding here, what's the dams' breeding ?
I am not sure, The woman I got her from said that her dam's name is Jeezabel. She came over to the U.S. at her dam's side as a foal or yearling. I am not quite sure about that (her age). That is all I know. I absolutely lover her. Her temperment is wonderful and she is very willing to try anything. I have always rode OTTB- never again. I believe whole heartedly in the Irish Draft/ISH. Thanks for the tip on the book. I am going to get one on

Hi Kate. William and Ann have given loads of info and is sounds like 've got a great jumping bloodline there! Glidawn Diamond's sire King of Diamonds was ranked during his lifetime by the World Breed Federation as the 7th best producer of show jumpers in the World! Some of King of Diamonds offspring include Mill Pearl, Special Envoy, Pinon Muldoon, Joe II, Dury Ladd and Milstreet Ruby. Glidawn Diamond’s dam, Kildalton Countess is by BEN PURPLE who was also known as a great producer of Grand Prix jumpers and eventers such as Custom Made, winner of Gold in the 2000 Olympics with David O’Connor. He's currently standing in Co. Kerry and you can see his full pedigree here -
What are your plans for your mare? Have you done much with her yet?
I really haven't done much with her yet. I plan on doing some pre-green events this summer at some local schooling trials. I love her to death. I feel very lucky.
When I replied earlier I didn't know you were in the US. You may not get
any of Nicholas O'Hare's books on amazon. I had to send away for them.
His website is There's lots of information in them.

Jeezebel sounds like a TB. Let us know how you get on.
Hi Kate
I am an Irish Draught owner here in the US. We have a community of ID owners on facebook. We also have a forum for the IDHSNA society (it requires a membership to the society)
Your mare sounds delightful! I am just getting mine started under saddle. I LOVE irish horses.
keep in touch and if you would like, find me on facebook:)
leslie christian
Hi Leslie,

thank you for the information. I will definately look it up on facebook. where are you located in the US?. I live in Vermont. I hope to have both my girls out this summer doing some small schooling trials. I also have a coming 6 daughter out of the ID Cradilo. Her dam is Saralaida an irish tb from Canada. I am not to sure of her dam's breeding. What do you have in your stable?
I love Cradilo! Hes a baby doll. He is on my short list for Lara, my ID. Jumps the moon and is making a name for himself in Florida beating the WB's. not bad for a purebred
I live near Lexington excited for WEG!!! and of course Rolex.

So my filly is 3. She is a purebred by Glenlara o/o Ballybeg Pride, who goes back to Golden Wonder. She is linebred to Pride of Shaunlara...heres some info on him:
I cant wait to get her out riding!! Shes a smart one. My trainer just shakes her head and says 'wow, shes smart". LOL

Your horse's sire (Glidawn Diamond) is known for an excellent jump AND fantastic movement plus excellent temperment.. I believe he competed to grand prix. He, glidawn, has a couple of stallion son's here in the US that are a testament to his jump and movement : Olearys Irish diamond who competes PSG in dressage and GP in jumpers. Nice indeed :) and Gildawn also sired the dressage stallion KEC Double Diamond. Just a lovely looking and moving horse traing at PSG. I believe his owner Jutta has him doing some eventing and jumping now. And then theres that Coolcorron stallion over in Ireland, I believe he tops the breeding list. I am not as familiar with him cuz hes across the pond. But I think hes no. 1 ISH breeding stallion right now.
So anyways, Your pony should do quite nicely at eventing and take you far. And your 6 year old by Cradilo should be able to JUMP the moon!!! WHOOT!!!!!
Nice set of horses you have, Would love to see pics!
I put Tre' Jolie ( sire Cradilo) aka "JoJo" as my picture for my home page on barnmice. Sienna (sire Glidawn Diamonds) I only have pictures of her at Denny Emersons Irish Draft Fair this past September. She was Reserved Cahmpion. You can see the pictures on Denny's site Tamarack Hill Farm. tamarackhill We had such a blast at that event. They brought over a judge from the Royal Dublin Horse Show and another gentleman who was an author of Irish riding. What fun it was to see the real deal from Ireland and have them talk to you about your horse (s). It was both my young girls first real outing and they both behaved wonderfully. JoJo jumped a course for her first time. She had only been practice jumping one jump with one rail at home in the field. I was so proud of her.
I hope they do it again this year.
Cool. I remember people talking about the Irish fair at Denny's. I saw pics but cant remember where I saw them.
So have you SEEN the pics on Denny's facebook page...holy cow! they are cooool. from many years of shows. Ive totoally enjoyed seeing them. Very neat.


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