Hi! I have a 4 yr old qh mare that cowkicks when i brush her sides and butt, she also cowkicks when i first tighten the girth. What can i do to get her to quit cowkicking and for her to be fine with me brushing her?? This is my first green horse so any help would be apprecitated.



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Does she kick the farrier as well? Possibly some desensitizing would help? If you have never worked with a green horse before possibly you should enlist the help of an experienced assistant, one who has worked with green horses before. Even someone to keep her attention while you work around her back end. Try using a lunge whip or a long rope and quietly and slowly move it down her back legs with the same amount of pressure you would if you were grooming her. By using the lunge whip you can stand well back in the safety zone while the mare kicks, just let her do it staying out of range using the lunge whip ( DO NOT SMACK HER with it, I know it is tempting after a while ). Hopefully, if this nasty habit isn't engrained too long, she will tire of kicking and realize that whatever is around her back side doesn't need to be kicked, including you. Let me know how this works for you. If it doesn't you may need to call in a professional trainer.
I havent had her feet done yet cause i havent had her but alil over a month.I will def. try rubbing the lunge whip around her legs. Thanks for the advice and i will let you know how she does


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