HI Group,

If a horse is in a storm with lots of wind and lightening, is it safer inside the barn in it's stall or is it better off outside in a flat pasture with no trees?

Please share your experiences or things you know of occuring to your acquantances?

Thanks for taking time to share your opinion or experiences?

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Just my opinion but I would think safer in the barn in a stall. Anything rising up from a flat area of ground can become a lighting rod. Plus the potential for so many more things to go wrong with a horse running round possibly trying to "run away" from the storm. I would think a horse would want to be in a place they know is safe and comfortable and they feel secure. Again just my opinion. Our horses are always stalled during bad storms. We have one that get very spooked by the wind and it is easier to calm them down a bit even during the storm if needed.


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