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Hi everyone, it's me, Lesley and I can't wait to read your stories and find a brand new JUDE TOO greeting card superstar!

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Jude Too Greeting Card Contest: Sign in below and post your story on our Comment Wall

update 5/1/10

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for taking part in the Jude Too greetings card contest. You’ll all be pleased to hear the card is done! For a recap of some of the fabulous stories which made it in have a read through the forums & comment wall below.

The finished card can be viewed at & find out who made it in! We’d love to send all the winners a copy of the card so please send me a message via with your forum name, your horses name & your real name & address & I’ll get a copy in the post.

If you’d like to treat yourself to more copies or any of the other Jude Too merchandise then use the coupon code JUDETOO to get 15% off all of Lesley’s wonderful merchandise.

Thanks all!

Here's how the original competition started:




Your horse could have what it takes to become the international star of a brand new Jude Too greeting card.

Hi everyone, I'm Lesley Bruce the artist behind Jude Too. All of my cards are based on real-life events, and this fall I am inviting riders everywhere to send me their most unforgettable horsey moments to be created into a brand new greeting card based on the antics of a new equine superstar and their "person".

On October 31, I will select one horse and rider to capture their story in an original picture and share it with the whole world as the newest addition to the international Jude Too series.

What happened to you and your horse today…last month...last year? What made you laugh…love...cry...scream just because you have a horse? Your story can be funny, silly moving - even embarrassing, but most of all fun.

To enter, post your story on our group Comment Wall along with a small photo of you and your horse. Your story can be as short as one paragraph!

For examples of current Jude Too cards visit the Jude Too collection. I look forward to reading your stories!!

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layout judetoo competition picture 13 Replies

Ok Folks. you must have thought I'd done a runner ... so attached here (i hope this is how you do it. if it doesn't come out right I will try again) is a very, very rough layout (the umpteenth) of…Continue

Started by lesley bruce. Last reply by Laura Cain Jun 16, 2009.


Hi Everyone, be sure to post your stories on our Comment Wall below and feel free to ask me any questions at all, here in our discussion forum!

Tags: jude too

Started by lesley bruce. Last reply by lesley bruce Nov 3, 2008.

Are you shy

Hi Everyone,just thought I'd say I AM SHY and know what it's like so want to encourage any shy people to tell me their stories.You could always say "Well, I have this friend and this happened .... "…Continue

Started by lesley bruce Sep 12, 2008.

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Comment by lesley bruce on March 1, 2009 at 12:16pm
Surfacing folks, you probably think I've been ignoring you. ... far from it ... been doing picture but never pleased with it. Stupid, but it makes me feel sick i want it right for you.. any artists out there will understand. Normally I would have got over that, just been having a shit time lately and let it get to me.

Need a few more details, will post a rough sketch, hopefully tomorrow, hopefully because a cat refuge lady has just rung and is coming to see me tomorrow, could take some time. (cats keep arriving, there must be a neon sign pointing at my house saying "CATS THIS WAY")
Patina is still in recovery ... had a cortizone injection 2days ago to relieve compression behind her knee. She does seem easier so fingers crossed.

Sorry to be so slow, shaping up now.
Comment by lesley bruce on January 16, 2009 at 8:53am
Thanks Linda, your cuddle did me good.
Comment by Linda on January 14, 2009 at 8:15am
Lesley :cuddle: I do hope things get better for you soon.

Best wishes

Comment by lesley bruce on January 12, 2009 at 6:26am
Hi Everyone,

I'm Poo because I haven't finished the picture yet. it is on the drawing board with lots of sketches.

Please forgive me, I've been on a horrid low.

Will tell you briefly ... Patina my mare has been suffering from sub acute laminitis for a year and a half. Vets in the dark and don't look past her age of 23, (she could pass for a 14 year old).

Any way to cut a long story short in November she nearly died of piroplasmosis (there is no vacine for horses). A big fright, with urgent and aggressive treatment she pulled through. there followed a miracle the Laminitis gone, totally, she was so happy banging her feet down in delight.

For 10 delerious days enjoyed her sound feet then, a cow escaped from an ajoining field ... what fun ... she raced about in excitement, slipped and did a proper job on her deep flexor, it's muscle and check ligament.... massive injury .... really bad. She is over the acute stage now but far from recovered .. it will be a very long job of rest physio and firmly crossed fingers. (anyone with advice on treatment for recovery it would be truly welcome ... please give me your advice)

I am so sad for her after all that time with sore feet. By the way note that Leptrospirosis, piroplasmoses and lymes disease all can cause laminitis .. I wish the vets had looked past her age and picked it up. Not all old horses are insulin challanged.

And Jasmin my cat nearly died from gastric heamorage caused by cortizone overload for allergy she didn't have, antibiotics cured it. now she has a weak stomach and is poorly. ...

A wild cat arrived hit by a car near death and starvation begging for help.

Another wild cat abandoned 4 kittens ... so bottle feeding ... there must be a big "Cats this way" sign pointing at my house.

Still havn't done the accounts, finished my website, done any more on the renovation ... still don't have a kitchen or bathroom or living room or proper bedroom.

On top of everything Had a bad back, can hardly put my socks on .... eeek!!!

So I hope you understand and your picture will appear soon.

Take care and thanks for your patience

Cheers Lesley
Comment by Diana on December 3, 2008 at 5:54pm
Hi Lesley,
It is great to hear that Patina is doing well. Fingers crossed, no relapses!!
Mr. Eko is indeed a character.. I have several other pictures of him lounging, as that was not a one time event. He became quite cosy in his chair. Sadly for him, we do not use the Bale Buddy any more. Since the arrival of our mare Ikeda, and due to her breathing and allergy issues, we can not use that gadget to feed the hay. It is a great gadget if all are healthy!
Mr. Eko can be quite entertaining, and loves to strut his stuff. His previous owner was a pro photographer, so he is familair with the camera and is compeled to pose. You can see more pics of him on my profile page.

Ahhh Shadow, and the bitless bridle.. My daughter and I love it. She does far more riding that I. Shadow is a "sensitive spirit" He goes very well for us in his bitless, but he picks and chooses who gets to ride him. He recently threw a friend of mine..( a very experienced rider).. she found she could not control him at all in the bitless... Although, I'm not sure if he would have been any more controlable with a bit. I think there were other things at play that day, that disdurbed Shadows sensiblilities...
After that episode, my daughter and I took him out again with the bitless, with no issues at all. So for me right now it is too early to pro or con the bitless... I am leaning to the pro side...but I am a natuaralist by heart.. my horses are living as natural a life style as I can provide. Out 24/7, run- in shelter, no shoes, varied terraine, free access hay, water..etc

I hope if you do give the Bitless a whirl you post some pics! I love perusing the pictures!

Take care!
Comment by lesley bruce on December 1, 2008 at 3:56pm
Hi Diana,

Thanks for the healing vibes, Patina seems ok, in fact brighter than she has been for a while, my fingers are crossed that she doesn't have a relapse.

Been looking at your Mr Eko on his seat, it made me smile.

How's Shadow going in his bitless bridle? I followed your link to the online dressage competitions ... what a brilliant idea ... might inspire my old bones to have a go.

Nice to hear from you
Comment by Diana on November 29, 2008 at 7:47am
Wow.. I was just getting caught up on things here..
Lesley so sorry to hear that Patina, is having some health issues. I hope she is past the worst of it by now. Lymes disease, yikes!! We here on PEI, have not had a case in a horse yet.. but the wee ticks are making an appearance on the Island. We don't have deer here, which is the usual transport method and prefered host of the lyme diseased ticks, but the yicky buggers have found a way here anyway. Sending healing vibes{{{ get better}}}}to your mare, and some hugs to help you get through the ordeal.
Comment by lesley bruce on November 23, 2008 at 1:38pm
Laura the link is great thanks.
Dylan you are photogenic your pictures are very good.

Laura is Gus about a hand smaller than Dylan?

Comment by Laura Cain on November 21, 2008 at 5:57pm
Sorry the pictures are small, but am away from home at the moment & grabbed them off the website. You can look at them properly if you like on Hope you like them
Laura & Dylan
Comment by Laura Cain on November 21, 2008 at 5:55pm

Hi Lesley, I am soo happy that Dylan has been chosen for this fantastic picture along with his little friend Gus. Here are a few piccys of me & Dylan, I ahave also posted a piccy of Gus. he is the Dun eating out of his bowl. None of the piccys of Dylan do him justice though, bless him.
Thank you once again & cant wait t see the piccy

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