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For those of us riders who have lost a beloved horse. Here we can talk about losing a best friend, what happened and where a rider can go after that! Members can offer advice, share stories and ask questions!

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Comment by TK Lee on January 20, 2013 at 12:44am
I lost my baby Zakkie several yrs ago. He was a 16'3", bay, 30-something TB, originally off the racetrack, who had been a trainer's ribbon-winning hunter-jumper for many yrs. I adopted him as an elder horse when the trainer retired from the business.
Zakkie was so full of personality; especially so, I think, b/c he had been gelded relatively older; having been a racehorse originally. The trainer who had owned him previously would walk right past him w/o even acknowledging him! I would love him up and he was so appreciative. When he would see me, he'd come bounding towards me and stop dead in front of me just short of running me over.
Right after I adopted him, he came down with his 1rst bout of lymphangitis. He was so difficult to medicate b/c if he tasted it in his food, not only wouldn't he eat it, he wouldn't eat out of the same bucket again! B/c of this I ad to resort to injections.
The bouts came first every 6 months or so, then every 3 months, then one month later, and then just 1 wk after his last attack resolved. It was then I knew what I had to do. It was Xmas day. I'm tearing up writing this. I loved that horse so much.
I buried him in the horse blanket he was wearing so hewouldn't be cold, with a can of beer ( which he loved,) a lock of his best buddy's mane ( my other horse, Cody,) and a shirt I had worn so he could smell me.
To help cope, I donated some of his blankets to a horse rescue in his memory and I took his unwashed blanket liner and and put it in a plastic bag. For the next 2 yrs I couldn't go to any Xmas celebrations.
To this day, when I open that plastic bag, I can still smell my Zakkie.
Comment by Raiwee on March 23, 2012 at 2:29pm

Honey Muffin

When i found out my favourite dog had died i was heartbroken. I over my dog just as much as i love Chrosite my horse. When i got back from nova scotia i took on the responsibility of rehabilitating an abused 23 year old cob haflinger cross.One morning i was walking to the bus stop when i noticed my horse was cast on the ground. The night before my mom had put a different horse in with honey muffin the night before she got cast. i ran over to the pour pony that had gotten stuck on the ground then i went and got my mom and some bran mash when i fed her the bran mash she started spitting up blood along with bran mash. we figured she had gotten chased around by the other horse and then slipped and fell in the mud. My housemate madrone found out honey muffin had broke her hips and was not able to get up. so we decided  it would be best  if  we just put her out of her misery. I ran to my room and thought about what had happened that morning. I remembered telling her that  this would be her last home but we didn't have enough money to keep her. We put her down the  day before she was supposed to go to a new home. I thought about it long and hard and then it came to me she also wanted me to be her last owner, my home to be her last home. i was sad but i made. i still think about her what she had gone through. I did some research about where she had gone and what different owners had done to her. Out of all nine horses only my horse Chrosite and my friend anik's horse memory were nice.

Comment by Cayla Cockerill on March 10, 2012 at 8:48pm

I had Benny for 3 years and we had out ups and downs, but the last moment togetther was the most beautiful moment of all, it was sunday in summer 2011 and we where goin hoe after seeing benny for the whole day saturday abd sunday together having a great time. I got home at about 6pm and my cousin ad aunty come in and sat me down, Your mom and dad had to sell Benny, i just looked at them and started crying, i begged to try keep him but the deal was done and i had no horse any more no Benny Boy :'( i stayed in my room for at least 3-4 days and didnt come out i was heart brocken ! A couple of weeks later i got a new puppy and now own a beautiful mini filly called buttercup, so i guess thing do happen for a reason <3

Comment by EcoLicious Equestrian on April 30, 2010 at 5:21pm
Today is exactly 1 year since I had to euthanize my precious TB gelding Gabe due to an open fracture of his hock...and today is when I stumbled on your group on Barnmice...yes, everything happens for a reason...


RIP buddy & thank you for your patient help with getting my confidence back after my accident, thank you for all the lessons you tought me, thank you for being just the way you wereleft;">

Comment by Shirley on April 9, 2010 at 11:04am
Holly, Fling is adorable. During these painful times it seems to me all we can do is keep the good memories close to our heart and try to only dwell on that. Fling has no idea what he missed so he's not sad. Let the joy stay with you that you and he brought joy to each other. What is on your path in the future? Feeling the sadness and pain in your heart is part of the mourning and healing process. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were no 'sadness, tears, pain or death"? Unfortunately we have to deal with how nature is which is not always easy. The hard times do seem to help us appreciate even more the good things in our lifes.
Would it help you to go hug a horse that needs or groom a horse that lacks attention?
Comment by Holly Brown on April 8, 2010 at 10:35pm
Although I only had Fling for about a month, I got him mid August 2009 and he was put down on September 17, 2009 I would have to say everyday was great with him. He was amazing. His first show was great though. He was so well behaved and we took 2nd in our class. Then his second show we took 2nd again and his third show we took 1st out of 9, that was amazing, and his previous owner was there to see it.
Two weeks later he was put down though:(
Loosing a foal is soo difficult. The first time it snowed it I was so upset thinking that he'd never got to see snow before. The things he never got to experience. It sucks, it's so hard.
I was really attached to Fling, and he was soo attached to me, replaced me as his mother. He would always be so good.

Yes I have 9 horses.

Picture is of Fling at his first show.

Comment by Shirley on April 8, 2010 at 12:33am
Sorry for your loss Holly. What was some of your special memories with Fling? Do you have other horses?
Comment by Holly Brown on April 7, 2010 at 5:32pm
Fling, my little foal I lost from tetanus would have been 1 years old today.
Comment by Kathy Goucher on November 11, 2009 at 4:21pm
One year ago today, I lost my best friend. He was the best horse I ever knew, and I miss his beautiful buckskin face. Together, we learned to ride, we learned to jump, we learned to show. He taught me so much, even as I taught him. We spent many many hours in each other's company, and none of that time could ever be called wasted. He was my confidante, my partner, my brother, my son. I loved him like I have loved no other.
I am thinking of you today, sweet Dexter, and missing you so much.
Comment by Cheyenne Billy on October 14, 2009 at 5:23am
hey all
althought the horse i lost didint die [well thats what i was told] im always thinking of holly and love her with all my heart!

i first ment holly last year when i was working at a riding school. she was a cute grey shetland pony that noboby hardly rode coz she was soo naughty. i cant rember why or how but i started riding this cute little pony. but i always rode her on trail rides bareback, she was always so happy to see me and enjoyed the trails we whent on. we only whent on trails when we had coustermoors who wanted to go for a ride. so me and my trusty pony used to go on trails awnsering coustermers querries and stuff. must of the time we rode on point whitch means you ride around the group of people making sure every one was happy and okay.

we used to go swiming together and heaps of over stuff to she was my dream horse even though i was geting to big for her.
i always said i would buy her some day............
saddly i had to move outer state and back to my other farm i was so upset to leave holly behind but i knew she would be happy,
then this year in july my friend who also worked there told me the riding scholl was closing down, i was frantic and tried so hard to get holly
when i had phonded the owner [ who is a really mean person.]
she was all nice to me untill she found out i lived in another state
she hung up me, i called back again and she told me all the horses were sold.
i was told later that half of the horses went to dogmeant factorry i was soo upset, but i can only hope holly is happy and safe.
and the saddest thing is i dont even have a photo of her.

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