I am going to just say hello and introduce one of my horses.  His name is Oliver.  He's 5.  Here we are just last week when I rode him for the 4th time.  I can't wait to read everyones stories and tell you a little about my horse and myself... :)  We live in Los Angeles, California.  Oliver is a wild born Shoshone Indian horse.   We call him a Mustang.  He's had massive training by my trainer Steve Boyles.  It's kind of cool to me, after all I have been through with this Orphaned Wild horse whom I adopted at 8 weeks old, that here he is the lesson horse and I get to learn how to ride on.... he's awesome.  I'm glad he's been treated with patience his whole life because he is being very nice to me as I practice on him, HA!!  Jen

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He is a stunning horse! :) That is so cool! :)


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