When did you first remember being fascinated by a horse? When do you first remember knowing you loved horses? For me I remember walking home from early grade school and going to the farm close by and sitting in the field and watching this horse graze...just graze...and I'd be there for 2 hours and go home for supper....I remember feeling so happy and content....

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Hi Erin, this was a lovely and moving post. This fall, Barnmice will be doing something very special in terms of stories from our members. I do hope when we make the announcement that you will write something for us.
I was about 4 when I started loving horses. I begged to ride a horse, but got the same answer every time - "When your older." So I asked again and again until finally when I was 7 and a half, I went to ride. Now, I love my 2 horses Unforgettable Love - Love & Schuyler (sky-ler) - Sky.
really wow i loved horses since i was 4 yrs old
I have loved horses my whole life. When I was very young my mother read the Black Stallion to me ever since I have been fascinated. At school I'm considered a know it all because I have always enjoyed studying horses, and because I used to have horses. When I was three my mom asked me what kind of pony I would want ( All I ever asked for was a pony), and I said "Mommy I want a black one because their the fastest."
That was only the beginning. Once I could read I was studying trying to learn everything I could. Once I could walk and talk I asked for a pony. I would talk and talk to mom about horses and ponies just so I could prove that I could handle having one. Of course the answer always was when your older. I kept on asking and asking until I was 8. On my 8th birthday I came home to my 11 acre farm (which I always thought looked to empty without any horses.) I turned the corner to enter the house, and what do I see? A horse! I just stood there and stared for a while. then it finally sunk in. I had a horse!! I walked over feeling so excited that I could burst. I walked up and entered the round pen she was in, and ran my fingers over her silky coat. "S-she's a Quarter Horse" I stammered before bursting into tears of joy and barring my head in her fur. This was what I had been waiting for for longer than I can remember. I think the only time that I have ever cried more in one day is when 3 years later(after getting 3 more horses
) it was time to say good bye. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I still cry sometimes. Three years have passed I I now live in Cincinnati, OH (Instead of Lake Whales, Florida where we had the horses.). Up to date I have never had memories that I cherish more, and probably never will.
When I was little there were still a few horses around doing jobs, like the rag and bone man's, and the laundry horse, I saw them and loved them.

My parents were hairdressers we had no horses but we lived in a little village which had a SMITHY which is a blacksmiths where horses were shod. We passed this magic place occasionally and once or twice there was a horse being shod .... we never stopped.

But I knew where it was and at 3 years old, would, as soon as my Mum's back was turned just toddle off there to see a horse, sometimes there was no horse so I'd sit for hours, hoping. If Mum hadn't come to find me goodness knows, a horse might have arrived....

It was nice then people were polite and kind especially the blacksmith he'd let me stroke them.

I was 9 before Mum took us to Thomas's riding stables were I rode my first horse, a little white Welsh Mountain pony called Dolly, she had a long wavy mane and tail and was like a fairy pony.
I was born loving horses. I was born in Dallas, Texas, and when I was little, like Lesley, there were still a few working horses around. There was an old rag man that came around, and my mother told me that when I was just a babe in arms, I would get wild when I heard the "clip, clop" on the pavement. She would carry me outside so I could see the horse. I don't even remember this, and barely remember the rag man at all.

Never had a horse or even got to ride until I was an adult with my own money. That was over 30 years ago now. I can't even imagine a life without horses.

I always use this quote from Robert Vavra to describe my feelings: "From my earliest memories, I have loved horses with a longing beyond words."
wow!.... it's 3 am. I should, and need to be in bed. My cat has been ill and I stayed up to be with her.

Suzanne, Just idly looked at barnmice and saw your post.
It warmed my heart and
Gosh that quote ... ... hits the spot.

I know how you felt when you read the Vavra quote. The first time I saw it I thought, YES!

It expresses how I've always felt way better than I ever managed to. ;o)
I can't exactly remember what age but I know it was in the one digits haha. Maybe 9? Either way, my parents didn't really do anything to encourage me towards horses.
My first ride was on a horse named Apple at a camp I went too. Just walking
Second ride was on a horse named Banner at a different camp. We trotted but by god It felt like galloping. This was the day that the horse-gene was imprinted into my heart hehe. =) I think it was that feeling of being atop a giant animal, going so fast and so free. If I was allowed to, I would have galloped away from all those counselors and through the mountains. XD This horse did worlds for my confidence.
However, that was all washed away when I was bullied throughout my entire school years. I worked at a farm when I was 15, tagging cows for the penning night. After I was done, they let me ride whatever horse I wanted. So here's this 15 year old girl who has no idea how to properly ride, cantering around the ring with no supervision. Who knows what those people were thinking. XD
Eventually I had to quit and then it wasn't until my graduation from high school did I realize I needed to do something with my life. I had no idea but somehow I came upon a college/university festival and one college had a horse program. I just took the pamphlet but never signed up or anything. 2 years passed and I was 19 and just working at a dead-end job, bored out of my mind. Randomly one day, my uncle was driving me home from work and I saw 3 horses in this huge field next to this main highway. They just sat there eating. I think that triggered something in me. Everyday I drove by and saw them and then one day they weren't there any more. My mind just clicked and I asked dad to help me find a place that does lessons.
We found one, I did lessons for about a year and then some problems arise and my trainer moved barns and we all followed. There was this horse named Nico. At the time, I thought he was the ugliest thing I've ever seen and never wanted to ride him. Ever. Things changed and I ended up getting him for christmas from my trainer. Things were great but my personality took a turn for the worst and I became kind of abusive. Nico, I think, sensed it and was retaliating. In the end, he changed something in me and I just became gentler. My outlook on horses had completely changed and I actually found myself learning to cope with anger and frustration better. I ended up selling Nico and at the new barn...The first time I was truly, TRULY fascinated with a horse, was when I met Dots (my current horse). All of the events leading up to Dots was just preparing me for this moment. I know that I enjoyed those times with the other horses and I learned a lot, but nothing quite hit me hard like the day I met Dots in that tiny pen with a bunch of ponies, covered in mats all over her belly and this look like she was abandoned. I took to tending to her belly with a shedding blade and this horse that's never been touched by a brush or anything at all in her life, just stood there eating hay and watching me. Occassionally she would stop chewing and stare and sometimes she would point her nose to her belly when I hit a certain stubborn mat that probably pained her but not once did she pin her ears or move away. I think we clicked in that moment and after that I just spent, I kid you not, 6 to 8 hours a day in that single pen just standing and walking around with her. Best months of my life. That's when she was finally given to me after her previous owner just gave her up.

Lol jeez. Sorry for the life story. I could have gone on in much more detail then that but I don't wanna bore anyone haha. XD
I've always loved horses! They have been my favourite creature since I was tiny. I think of them every day. When I'm sad or scared, I think of them. Every time I fall off, I just get back on. Nothing will stop me from loving them. No matter how unpredictable and dangerous people say they are... now all I need is a horse of my own!


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