I feel like I'm 17 - the age I was when I got my first horse!

What an amazing sport that just makes you feel ageless!!!

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I am in my 50's and still riding strong. I find riding keeps me fit. I don't ride as much in the winter so it gives me an incentive to stay fit and work out during the long winters.

This was originally posted almost three years ago. I am still riding and have ironed out a lot of physical and medical problems since. I am riding better in the last year. It is a bit of a challenge but also a motivator to get fit, keep fit physically and mentally. I definitely could have benefitted from a slightly shorter and more laid back horse, but he is wonderful to ride when we get it all together. He will take me up mountain trails and last year we even worked on our road and traffic skills. He has improved so much, and so have I. There's nothing I'd rather do. Keep riding ladies!


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