My pony is 13.2 hh and is just recovering from a tendon indury. For the last about a year I haven't been able to ride her... :) But!, Ive been riding her again for 2-3 months now and on Augest the 26th have finally been able to be in our first show together! :) (So Happy!!) :) We did really well at our show! We got a 1st in our flat undersaddel, 2nd in our eq. over fences, a 3rd in our pony pleasure class, a 5th in our eq. on the flat and a reserve on our undersaddel over fences (she spooked and refused a jump!!!) :( But other then that I am soooo proud of her! :) I've been able to show other green horses in the schooling shows but, there's nothng like showing your very own pony! :) I LOVE YOU KYOMI!!!!! :) ;) :o

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Way to Go!!! - What kind of pony is she?
Well she's a Welsh Mountain Pony/ Thoroughbred so she's a fiesty one! :) Once she gets going
(like when we're show jumping or when we're out in the field cantering (or galloping lmao :0 ) over some cross-contry jumps) it's hard to wind her back down again! lol ;) I love that about her! :) So there's NEVER a dull moment with her!
- Rebecca / Kyomi :)
Oh, do you have a horse? If so what's he/she like? ;)
- Rebecca / Kyomi :)
No, sorry to say not at this time. When I was 19-22 I owned a horse. My horse was a grade gelding just 14.2 hands high and his name was Mr. Magoo, I have also owned a blanket appoloosa named Kathy and a couple of quarter horses. But my life got to complicated and physically I don't think I can ride now, but I hope to get a pony to drive before my days are done. I would like to have an Irish pony. Any other ideas? I just love horses and miss them in my life. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Ellen
I own 2 ponies.The first one is a cute bay pony 146cm and recently turned 5. We do show hunter and a bit of show jumping mainly but we do others like pony club etc.Its quite funny because she is probably the littlest horse/pony we have but she bosses everyone around!(she is the pony in my picture)
My second pony is a cute little 2 year old buckskin.He is not fully broken in yet but he is with me at the moment to get some attention and then he will go back to finish his breaking in hen i can most likely ride him!
I have two ponies. Chocolate Chip (Chippy) is about 12.1

And BB is about 13.1


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