When there is an imbalance in the shoulders and a saddle that has BEEN sufficient quite suddenly becomes NOT comfortable for the horse right after a trigger point myotherapy session, what would you suggest to do? Not ride the horse but work it on the ground only, question deeper what changed in the horse, wait it out and see if the problem resolves or if in fact the saddle needs to be changed to distribute weight differently, work with a treeless saddle? I hate to blame saddlery for everything, especially when so much care has been taken to get this right, but when the horse suddenly says "NO" to carrying weight on his back but is showing more "YES" in a lungeing session, there is a change that has happened that cannot go unnoticed. This horse has never had back issues but has had problems with saddles sliding forward because the withers were not well defined. I'm sure I'll figure this one out but am curious what Jean-Luc or others would do in this situation.

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The weight is indeed greater into the left forearm and the muscling behind the left scapula is greater than the right. The horse has trouble adducting with the left forearm. His tendency is to trot right with the right hind quarter slightly right and his head and neck bent left. Recently canter right(with a rider but not without) has become more difficult to get into and quite difficult to maintain.
I tried two different saddles today...one much wider and one the same size the horse is used to but with a different weight distribution and each enabled him to move slightly better with greater willingness to canter right. I will 'buy more time' with a more comfortable saddle for him while I work out the imbalances and get back to you on how we are doing. Thank you for your input.


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