Finally found my dream Canadian Gelding. He is 15 yrs old, 15.1HH, been there - done that kind of guy. Sooo excited!

One glitch... I live in Sault Ste Marie, ON, and cannot find anyone to haul him here! 

Anyone have any ideas, coming this way with room in a trailer for one horse, comments?


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Try Looking on " Trent Riders" web site. There are many listings for trailering.


Thanks for the tip... I have booked a ride for him. Should arrive on December 19th. Be here for xmas... Woo Hoo!

Congrats, Becky!!

I know who you bought  :o)  What a fabulous Christmas present!!!


Yes, I am very excited to get my boy 'home'.

May I ask how you know who I bought?


I am addicted to Canadian Horse Link, and I am a Facebook friend with Jody  :o)  That's how I knew of your purchase.

Congratulations! Yay! I agree with Frances. There are some haulers advertising there, and often there will be an ad for trips back and forth long haul you could get a spot. Good luck.

Wow. I bet you are counting down the days!! I know I was beside myself when I was waiting for Magie. :)


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