I'm getting frustrated by my lack of ability to plan and motivate myself. I have a 5 year old here, she's had the basic training (done professionally for the above reason) over a year ago. Since then, I just keep finding reasons why I don't do anything.

I have started again with me, from the ground but just can't seem to plan even a rough outline of what to do. Guess what I need is a firm boot to the backside and a fairy with a magic wand to produce an outline training programme for me to follow with a few pats on the head for good behaviour.

Will someone be my fairy?


Let me be your fairy!

Just like horses, you cannot change disposition. You can change behavior, but not disposition. I do not know you or your personality type, so I am not sure if you're lost and need guidance or you may be an introverted "B" type personality. Is this a pattern in your life or just with horses? If you lack motivation because of your personality type, I can't help you, but it is a direction and a step-by-step outline that is causing you to stumble, I can help. 

The outline training program is at your finger tips. I built the iHorseTrainer app for the iPhone/iTouch-iPod just for that very reason. It is a step-by-step ground training program/outline that you can take into your arena. It has a 100 page training manual, and 24 videos totaling 2hr. And it is only $9.99 at the app store.

I am now in the development stages of a step-by-step outline riding training app with the same purpose due out this summer.

If you like, I will buy a plain ticket and come out and give you a swift kick in the pants if you want, but when I leave, you back to the same thing?

What more can I do to help you reach your goals?

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