There is a wild pony breed that i have been very interested in for long time now. It is called the Lundy Pony. They are in quite an endangered situation right now. i have not come across any recent updates, but i did find out that as of 2005, there were only 25 mares without a stallion on the Island of Lundy which is near the British Channel. There is a protection society in place over in England that is helping to recover this incredible breed.

Some History:
The Lundy Pony is a fairly new breed, being developed in 1928. It was the result of an unsuccessful breeding program and was therefore left to fend for years to come in the harsh climate of Lundy Island. The breed was created by Thoroughbred, Welsh Pony, and Connemara stallions being crossed on New Forest Pony mares; some also say that there is Arabian influence which is obvious in the shape of the head. The result was a hardy pony with an upper height limit of 13.2hh, and was primarily dun in colour (although other colours do occur). The Lundy Island provided very little shelter, poor grazing, and an extremely harsh winter environment. Similar to the wild ponies of Chincoteague and Assateague, the Lundy Pony would be rounded up and swam across the British Channel, and then used for a variety of work; farm, riding, and driving.
By 1984, a breed protection society was formed. Dispite their best efforts, the number of wild Lundy Ponys on the island is decreasing rapidly.

I find this wild pony very attractive and tough. I have an interest in rescuing horses who are endangered, and this is one who really needs saving. Not much is known of this pony outside of Britain. and helping to promote and save it is one of my goals :)

some good websites about the wild Lundy Pony are:

Pictures attached:
the first two pictures are of the Lundy Pony, and the 3rd picture of an aerial veiw of the Lundy Island where the pony runs wild on.

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I hope a stallion pops up for this breeds sake..... yikes...


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