Do you spend your time looking behind, instead of forward.

It's all about YOU! Workshops

What you can expect:

A safe place to give yourself permission to understand where you are, and where you want to be.
Clarity so you can focus on what really matters to you.
A foundation so you can build a solid platform to follow your dreams.
A fun and enlightening experience that will stay with you.

What you will experience:
A unique teacher that accepts you as you are without judgment.
A mirror so you can see your truth; to learn from it and move forward positively.
A voice to your story that carries you through the chatter and confusion.
An opportunity to laugh at yourself.
Support that helps you to be realise your true possibilities.

Join Chanti, the team, and Harvey, and the rest of the herd to experience the effectiveness of personal development and self-improvement principles through the nature of the horse.

Find your true self amongst the trees and fields in nature and breathe deep breaths of peace and relaxation.

Chanti Cleland is an internationally known Life Coach and horsemanship trainer who’s unique and effective approach to personal development was inspired by her own relationships with horses, particularly Harvey an 1100 lb Irish Draught horse that she has spent the last 15 years working alongside.

In seeking a connection and strong communication with Harvey, Chanti realized that she also had to first connect and accept herself at a much deeper level than she ever imagined. "This deep connection, this understanding of oneself, is what matters most, and is the core of the Personal Development work that we do through It's all about YOU!

Participants truly learn how to harness their own inner Horsepower to get to where they want to."

Let go of past beliefs and stories that are holding you back
You can move toward the goals and dreams that inspire you.
Release the behaviour patterns that simply do not work anymore.
Give yourself permission to become YOU.
Have a horse-centered adventure with the support of Chanti, Harvey and the Team.
Learn how to take hold of the reins of your life.
In a fun and interactive setting, Chanti, Harvey and the Team work with you to bring clarity to your unique life situation.
For more than 10 years, Chanti has been effectively helping others making huge strides in their lives.

"Her approach gets positive results in a time frame that is quite simply hard to imagine. I have struggled with life issues since the age of 6, and spent many years between the ages of 40 and 50 trying to undo, what had been done to me. By 51 I had given up. I then met Chanti at the age of 60, and I decided allow myself another shot at unravelling my life. One day, just one day with Chanti, Harvey and everyone at Cleland Horsemanship started me on a new journey and a new life. My only regret - that I did not know about Chanti a helluva lot sooner." Cerys C

The Workshops

Generally speaking the workshops are tailored to suit the participant's individual needs....just as the horse is an individual so is the human participant.

Workshops can be anything from understanding our own Body Awareness and Body Language, to Personal Leadership and Communication Development, Confidence Building & Self Esteem, Life Coaching Sessions with Horses; Personal Development and Growth; Releasing of Past Challenges, Stress and Trauma in a unique and calm setting; to someone on a personal development journey wanting to experience something new.

It's All about YOU & It's up to YOU!

ALL of the participants we have had to date, including professional business men and women, life coaches, hypnotherapists, doctors, teachers, educators, professors, CEOs, mums, dads, families, and young adults, have ALL experienced "AH-HA" moments, and enjoyed fun, positive and personal growth experiences.

"I felt invigorated upon leaving my day's workshop. I realized that I have exactly what I need to take that next step forward in my life… I just have to go for it. The workshop was fun and enlightening. Chanti,

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