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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on May 22, 2012 at 9:57pm

Wow!! That's sounds fantastic!! I wonder if they have someone like that in Ontario near me? I don't think Cooper would be very confident though, he has been so scared of everything!

Great job with Cash, you have done amazing with him!

Well Done Shirley!!

Comment by Shirley on May 22, 2012 at 11:47am

I made arrangements to have a Mobile Confidence Course come to my friends new arena and got together 11 people to participate. They brought in a bunch of obstacles to help horses get braver...a large dark water holder, a bunch of crushed water bottles to walk in, large flags to go thru as they blow in the wind, tarps hanging on stands so they blew in the wind, A couple large pedestals, a bunch of different swim noodles in different kinds of holders and some had ferns attached, some small squeekie ducks and pieces of cut up water hose to mimic snakes, a doll in a stroller, trash bag full of milk jugs etc to walk around and pull behind you, a fog mister and a bubble maker and a couple different car wash things & a boom box with all kinds of noises taped on it. It was a great time by all. Cash really enjoyed it and was very curious about everything. We walked in hand thru everything first (everyone had to) and then any that wanted to rode thru any of the stuff they wanted to or could. It was a beautiful sunny day I was able to ride more then I have in a long time and Cash was eager to walk on and do whatever I asked of him. He actually offered to go to the squeekie ducks and snakes and walk thru several times and then we walked around moseying here and there and went thru one of the water noodle things a few times. Then our time was up. We'd played for 3.5 hours with a short break in the middle. I was very pleased with how it went and could tell that Cash was inspired and enjoying doing the new stuff. Got lots of compliments on Cash and one of the instructors said she 'really' liked him and said I've done a really good job with him. She seemed sincere so I was very happy about that. It was a fantabulous experience! But, I will say it was still all I could do to muster up the courage to climb on Cash's back. Of course as I finally decide to go for it, a bunch of commotion started around us and more people came to use the toys we were near but I survived & Cash wasn't phased. My instructor came for moral support and gave a little talk about her methods of dealing with people with fear issues.
I'd love to go again just to observe. Didn't have any chance to watch others ride thru the obstacles that were outside.Most of the people that came were already into the idea of helping their horse and being a partner rather then being a predator and forcing their horse but we did have two or three of the later that were determined to kick and spur to "make" their horse do something. I believe they had the least success when they did come across something that their horse was leery of. The instructors tried to get them to just sit still while they tried to help the horse thru without pushing them. I don't know if any of them saw the benefit of the kinder way or not.
I set up another clinic to have where I board so some of the people that don't have a trailer could come. Arranged for Sept hoping the weather will be perfect. Hopefully by then I will be feeling braver and Cash and I can do more obstacles under saddle. Fun! Fun!

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on May 22, 2012 at 8:22am

Yes!! It was a nice evening riding Cooper!

Comment by Shirley on May 21, 2012 at 11:59pm

Is that a smile?

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