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Mia and I Start Off by Staggering Around

Mia and I Start Off by Staggering Around

And that is what twelve days of winter weather can do to us pathetic little old ladies!

I was stuck inside because of the winter storm. Between the rain making Shannon’s riding arena too wet, and an inch and a half of snow, sleet, freezing rain, temperatures below 20 F and days where it barely got above freezing, I was stuck inside. My long driveway had ice, my steps had ice, and it was just not worth the risk of falling for… Continue

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Winter Comes Back to Stay

Winter Comes Back to Stay

Fortunately, since I am in the South, it is not a terribly severe winter.  So far, all the precipitation has been liquid.  Even with several killing frosts, some flies appear when it gets warm, and then another killing frost hammers them.  Nights in the 20s F eventually get those nasty flies out of the picture.

Talking about flies, I have noticed something this year.  In 2014, I noticed that the population of the “buzz bomber” flies was miniscule, and…


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You Would Think That Spring Was Here

You Would Think That Spring Was Here


Between nights in the 20s F and days and nights of rain, it has been difficult for me to ride, therefore last week I seized the chance to ride twice, on Mia, two days in a row.

Wednesday morning came in at 23 F so I did not get to ride.  Fortunately Debbie did not have a lesson already scheduled for Thursday morning so I got to ride then.  When Debbie curried Mia gobs and gobs of Mia’s sub-coat came off, and when I got after her…


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A Quarter Inch Difference


At least I started the New Year right, I got to ride Mia on Jan. 1, the only time I got to ride this week.

On Tuesday I saw a few Bradford Pear trees in bloom in Charlotte, NC.

After three inches of rain and unseasonable warmth, a cold front finally pushed the rain off to the East.  It was brisk on Friday with a cold breeze and it was still cloudy so there was no sun to bask in.  When I was using my slicker brushes on Mia’s coat I found out that Mia has already…


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I Got to Ride Christmas Day!

I Got to Ride Christmas Day!

The last two weeks have been sort of odd.  First, my gut decided that something was not right and acted up too much to ride, and when I did ride I got exhausted after only 20 minutes in the saddle.  I got my gut issues under control enough so I could go see my oldest son finally get his PhD degree, a process that has taken many years.  Between all of this I just got to ride twice, a much needed ride on Cider so I could get back to walking steadily on my…


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Cider Responded, Mia Did Not

Cider Responded, Mia Did Not

Last Sunday I told Shannon to pick me up at my mailbox because my driveway now has major difficulties where it was dug up, now there is no place to turn a vehicle around on my land unless the driver wants to risk getting stuck.  Since I was not able to carry my dressage saddle down I told Shannon I would ride in the EZ-Fit saddle I gave her, and I was so glad that I did not have to worry about bringing a saddle!  But Shannon turns out to be much better at…


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The Drought is Over--At Least for Now

The Drought is Over—At Least for Now

And all this rain is messing up my riding.

We were in a drought this summer, getting just enough rain to keep the grass growing somewhat and keep some of the crops from dying, but the ponds, lakes, streams and rivers were down several inches. Our local river, the Rocky River, lived up to…


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