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Warm Up for the Training, First and Second Level Horse

The point of the warm-up is to take the restrictions away from your horse's body. So depending on the day, your warm-up could be as short as 10 minutes, or it could end up making up your entire ride.

  1. Since your horse has probably been standing in the stall, spend the first 5-10 minutes walking around on a loose rein.
  2. After walking around "on the buckle" for several minutes, pick up a contact so you can begin your…

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How To Teach Your Dressage Horse to Do Free Walk at Training Level

It's just as important to do a good free walk with your dressage horse at Training Level as it is to develop your trot and canter work. Many riders lose sight of the fact that they should pay as much attention to the medium walk and free walk as they do to the other two gaits.


First, let me define the free walk. It’s a gait of relaxation. Your dressage horse should lengthen his frame and lower his head and neck so he looks like he’s going to graze. His poll is lower…


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Help Your Horse By Sitting Evenly On Your Seatbones

You can help your horse stay in good balance by sitting evenly on your seatbones.

Here’s a cool image to help you make sure you’re part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Imagine you're sitting on top of a basketball.

If you lean forward, the basketball shoots out the back.

If you lean back, the basketball shoots out in front of you.

If you lean to…


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3 Simple Tips to Help You Straighten and Center Your Riding Position on Your Horse

Can you tell if your riding position is straight and centered on your horse? Or are you collapsing at your waist and sitting crookedly?

Ask a ground person to stand behind your horse.

1. Is your seat in the center of the dressage saddle so that each…


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