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My Top Tips: Part 3

Please enjoy tips 21-30. I'm a big fan of number 23!

21. Good technique isn’t just about what the horse does over the jump.

22. When jumping a combination, don’t ride into it with too much pace because your horse will learn to jump flat and run on the landing. Give him time to adjust his weight onto his hocks.

23. Canter, rhythm, line. Get it right every time.

24. The better the approach the better the chance of the horse jumping…


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My Top Tips: Part Two

I hope these tips are helping everyone. Here are tips 11-20:

11. As a rider you too need to be warmed up. Through warming up you should release tight muscles. Warming up helps prevent stiffness and injury to both horse and rider.

12. It is important to get your horse’s body and his state of mind prepared for what you are going to ask him to do.

13. Get the basics right and you will have a firm foundation for jumping.

14. It is a…


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My Top Tips: Part One

Hello Everyone!

My next few posts encompass an overview of some of my top tips. Some are easier said than done! The first ten...

1. All veterinary care is paramount – your horse is not going to perform to the best of his ability if he is not feeling great.

2. Horses are like people, they have weaker sides and stronger sets of muscles. Work on improving these weaknesses with the help of a physiotherapist.

3. Learn to recognize what your…


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