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Could he just be young ?

So I have been talking about my gelding bucking at a canter and many people said its the saddle or his back or other things . I'm wondering if it is because he is young ? I girl at the barn I am at is having the same trouble with her three year old fully bucking . Could it be that he just is high spirited and learning what he can get away with ? Like a child exploring boundaries ?

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What kind of bit is best for a green horse

I have tried the plain old snaffle on my gelding but he doesn't respond to it at all so I now use a d ring snaffle and it's still a snaffle so he responds a little better but not much he is honestly easier to ride with just a halter on and reins snapped to it. But because he is still so green and I take him out on field rides and in new places I don't feel as safe. He completely hates the hackamore so I don't use that. What is a good bit that is light and he will respond too ?

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My horse won't lope

So my now four year old gelding that I have had since he was just a yearling and has been extremely easy to train has now decided that he just doesn't want to lope. I have lunged him with a saddle and he will lope but when I am

On him he will either buck or he will completely refuse to canter and just do an extended trot. He is easy to ride at a walk and trot he is a bit on the lazy side but he has always been willing to please. I have loped on him a few times but it is always short lived… Continue

Added by Brittney on July 28, 2013 at 4:27pm — 1 Comment

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