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Should Dressage Be An Olympic Sport?

I usually consider myself to be a relatively cool headed human being, able to consider and argue without much volatility, but when I hear people debating as to whether dressage should be in the Olympics, I feel the need to hop around and screech like a Borneo ape. All arguments fly from my brain and I am left with me just baring my teeth and throwing around objects in the room. …


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The Grinch's Small Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day!

Most of you who know me understand that children are not a part of my day to day life. As a whole children orbit me with the same frequency and comfort of a urinary tract infection. That being said it appears that I am not wholly immune to their charms for today a little girl twisted my grizzled old features into a semblance of a smile. Perhaps the day that I have long been forewarned is truly imminent and I will open my curtains, stare out into the morning sunlight and want a…


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The Baying of the Hounds: Sharks Circling

Just as dogs are to wolves, these horses became something other than their more docile equine brethren. The laws of the herd ruled and when I entered their enclosure morning and night, I entered their world, bending to their laws while attempting to jog some flicker of recognition in them that I am, in fact, human … you know, one of those creatures you are supposed to respect? Right?…


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