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Walter, Walter, Walter

Walter is starting to settle in with us. Now I get to go to the bathroom by myself… about once every three days. It’s the kind of thing you expect from a herding dog, but being a rescue as well, Walter likes to go the extra mile.

I’ve had a couple of…


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They Love It, Even if You Do a Lousy Job.

Last week I complained about bi-polar February riding weather. I suggested ground-play as a positive alternative to riding some days. (Horses tell me that ground-play is…


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Let That Pony Run!

February is an unstable time of the year. It isn’t spring and it isn’t winter. There are a few 50 degree days that trick us into spring fever before the heaviest snows even come. Still, the horses are shedding, days are longer and it’s hard to not want outside again full-time. There’s no…


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Rescue Me.

If you follow this blog, you know I have been in a pretty lousy mood lately. I’ve been pondering mortality.  The loss of a hard working dog and a sweet old horse has got me feeling particularly cold and dark this winter.

I’m usually pretty good at picking myself up, but this time it’s a lot to lift. I started doing that thing that sad people do late at night on…


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