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Can We Talk About Barn Bathrooms?

It was my first day at a new barn with a perfect indoor arena! Before lessons began, I asked the owner where the bathroom was. She pointed to a roll of tissue on the tack room wall and told me to use any stall. I picked the one with the sleepiest looking gelding. I think he had visitors like me before.

Disclaimer: I grew up on a farm. We got…


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Walk Detention

I’ve been remembering my first experience in Walk Detention. It was the dark ages and I was a training level rider on a young horse. I was so excited to ride in my first clinic with an Olympian- my enthusiasm sizzled audibly. I handed over a fat check, my horse was spit polished and I was…


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Horse Agility at Infinity Farm.

Think of it as a trip to the amusement park- with your horse.

I didn’t start out doing Natural Horsemanship. I started out before that phrase was invented.  Like a lot of us, I used voice commands while lunging and required good ground manners. I did the rest from my saddle; riding was my thing.

To tell…


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Looking for a Sign…

When the autumn time change happens, I always feel like my house gets smaller- by a few acres. The outside is my favorite room and I resent winter for taking it from me.

And is it just me- or is every winter somehow a bit more twisted and confused than the one before?

In the dark months, everything on the prairie seems the very definition of the dead of winter. It’s a monotone landscape, flat-cold, with not many trees to distract my sullen gaze.

And just when…


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Edgar Rice Burro, Bon Vivant.

I think we all knew it was only a matter of time.

Edgar wanted me to wait to make this announcement, until after the award show season (Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.) He didn’t want to steal the thunder from his friends. (Best Ass in a Supporting Role- it isn’t one of the on-camera presentations.)

Newsflash: Our own Edgar Rice Burro is will be making his theatrical…


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