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Lead Mare/ Musical Chair

WMWhisper Down

I’m lucky to have a herd of horses under my care. Some people call it horse poor, but I feel rich. I’m lucky to be able to keep them as a family/herd, three of them literally related, in a large pen where they can interact freely. My herd is all ages and sexes, with a wide and extreme range of…


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Sharing Horses with Little Sisters.

Winter 2013 Pecsoks 081

Ah, Spring! When a young girl’s thoughts turn to… horses. Just like old girl’s thoughts, and just like every other day of the year. Horse-crazy girls are a consistent…


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Why We Love Them.

I had a philosophy teacher who believed that vulnerability was our greatest strength. I debated her; my shell was pretty thick back then and I had a lot to defend. When I was worn out…


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Balancing Priorities

Talk is cheap in the horse world, like most places. We talk about what our horses mean to us and the goals we have. Goals can be ambitious or humble but we all have a direction we are heading, even if the goal is deceptively simple- just being happy in the saddle.

That part…


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A Flying Change… of Season.

We’ve had a long spell of nasty weather. Snow is one thing and wind is another, but a combination of the two is crazy-making. There is real-time erosion that happens; you can see it in the snow drifts and blown sand. It drives horses nuts and it wears away at me, too.

Horses hate…


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