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The As-If Rule.

“That horse has been beat!” is her opinion. Sometimes you can look at a horse and just tell. He’s showing every sign, and he has been passed from owner to owner. Abuse is always possible, but working with him, I don’t think he’s literally been beaten. Who’s right?

The horse is. It’s my As-If Rule.  His history doesn’t matter that much. If he acts as-if he has been…


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Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.

I’ve been thinking about the words we use to label our relationship with the animals in our lives. It isn’t politically correct to say we own a horse; instead, we are its caretaker. That dog doesn’t belong to you, you’re its guardian. Swell.

Referring to an animal as a family member is the norm; it’s common to hear someone in the barn refer to themselves as Big Red’s Mom, or say that Bandit is their fur-child. No shortage of Fur-Daddies either. I understand the intention and if the…


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Mutual Respect and Trust, at Any Size.

I love working with ponies and minis. I know it isn’t politically correct for a dressage queen. I don’t think they’re especially cute and they are certainly not safer at this size. Trust me, I know ponies aren’t toys. I remember getting…


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  I was at a barn recently, talking to the manager about a client who would be hauling her mule in.  A rider standing by wanted warning ahead, her horse (or someone riding her horse) didn’t like mules. A couple of weeks later that same rider told me that my music spooked her…


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