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What’s More Natural Than Piaffe?

“Will you come over and ride our horse?” she asked. “We know he’s a dressage horse, we just don’t know how to cue him, but if you rode him…  He does that trot in one place thing.”

(I already knew they bought this elderly horse from their ‘trainer’, who tranquilized him for them to try out. That was when I asked them to refer to their ‘trainer’ by some other name.)



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The Relative Misery Factor (Prepping for Winter.)

The wind positively howled. There was sun, not that you could feel it. The horses didn’t want turn out. It was 20 degrees warmer in the south-facing runs and there’s not much windbreak on our prairie pasture. The horses that were turned out looked longingly at the barn and I knew the season has truly changed.

I was mucking a pen, coat zipped against the wind and my warmest Elmer Fudd hat tied down, when my phone rang. A client re-scheduled her lesson that afternoon. I don’t blame her;…


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Farm Politics: It Takes All Kinds.


It Takes All Kinds. And here at Infinity Farm, we have all kinds. In fact, we have inter-species chaos.

I want to affirm that I like order. But I’m the minority here, so not everyone goes along with my type-A fantasies. Exactly like real life, we don’t all fit into little boxes.

Sure, I have some level of leadership out of the saddle.…


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Beware: Colic Season.


She was lying flat- eyes closed, flank tense and very quiet. As I got closer I could see lots of stressed hoof marks on the ground. Are you thinking what I…


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