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Dave Barry on horses: "You Take The Horse; I'll Gladly Take The Dog"

Dave Barry on horses: "You Take The Horse; I'll Gladly Take The Dog"

Knight-Ridder Newspapers

RECENTLY a woman I know named Michelle came into the newspaper office with a big ugly wound on her upper arm. Realizing that she might be self-conscious about it, I said: "Michelle, what's that big ugly wound on your upper arm?" Sensitivity is the cornerstone of journalism.

It turned out that Michelle had been bitten by a… Continue

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"Mad" Horse Terrorizing Indian State

Residents live in fear as "mad" horse rules the roost

October 21, 2009

A horse's reign of terror in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has residents living in fear, according to a local news report.

India's central Chronicle, in a story headlined "Horse goes wild, bites people, many injured", reports at least 12 people "have fallen prey to the mad horse".

The animal is reportedly "wandering amok at a gallop", causing panic among… Continue

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Week-long mountain horse rescue in Canada shows the true meaning of Christmas

This is what the spirit of the season is all about...

MCBRIDE, British Columbia – Two frostbitten, emaciated horses were recovering inside a warm barn on Saturday thanks to volunteers who spent the week before Christmas digging the animals out of snow in the mountains of northeastern British Columbia.

Birgit Stutz said Saturday that she and other rescuers cheered when they finally finished digging a half-mile escape route through the snow for the animals. The horses had…


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Oldest para-rider hopes for medal at Beijing Paralympic Games

HONG KONG, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Bermuda's Sandy Mitchell, aged 64and believed to be the oldest rider of the equestrian events at the Beijing Paralympic Games, is looking to earn a medal, no matter its color, in the upcoming competition.

Born in Scotland with cerebral palsy in 1944, Mitchell began riding as a boy but did not devote himself to the sport until just 15 years ago.

His experience as a spectator to applaud for Bermuda's first equestrian team to compete in the…


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Do-it-yourself Sports Drink for Summer Riding

Sports drinks are expensive. If you would rather make your own, dissolve a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in a tablespoon of orange juice or in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and add 7.5 ounces of cold water. This mix has all the benefits of a sports drink.

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2000

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The Amazing New Dressage Test For Horses Unsuitable to Become Anything (Written 1974)

A classic after all these years...

The Amazing New Dressage Test For Horses Unsuitable to Become Anything By Joanna MacDonald et al

The Test

1. A. Enter at ordinary serpentine.

X. Sprawl. Salute.

2. C. Stop dead. Stare in horror at judge and shy to left.

Continue at…

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