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Are Your Finances Affecting You in the Tack?

Did you know that your finances affect your second chakra? Did you know that your second chakra is located in your lower abdomen?  Did you know that the lower abdomen is your point of balance and strength when you ride, allowing for an independent seat and effective communication with your horse?

For more information on the importance of your lower abdomen when riding, check out this…


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2 Questions to Help You Build an Empowered Partnership with Your Horse

Are you looking for a way to build a better partnership with your horse?  Below are two simple questions that you can ask yourself to help release the tension and resistance between you and your horse.  All frustration and resistance (the effect) really comes from a misunderstanding and miscommunication (the cause).  If you can find a solution for the cause, you do not need a solution for every single behavior because they are all the effect of something deeper.  You can learn to observe the…


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How is Soulful Horsemanship Different from Natural Horsemanship?

Natural horsemanship revolutionized the way that we interact with horses.  Even if you do not follow one of the big natural horsemanship methods, you likely have some knowledge of them.  I think that even individuals who say that they do not use natural horsemanship techniques have still been influenced, to some degree, in their approach to horses by the influence natural horsemanship has had on the attitudes of the industry.  Even the non-equestrian culture has been made aware of this…


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Understanding the Body Mechanics of Working in a Frame

Most riders eventually understand that it is ideal for their horse to work in a frame. A frame is a way of carrying the body that utilizes the ring of muscles by asking the horse to engage his haunches, lift his back, travel lightly on the forehand, round the neck from the base and drop the head. This is an efficient way for the horse to move that prevents injury and helps the horse to carry the weight of the rider. Unfortunately, many people lose sight of the whole picture and focus only on…


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The Art of Teaching Your Horse to Read and Write

Horses are fluent in the spoken language of the horse.  Any movement that you ask your horse to perform is something he already does naturally.  The horse can carry himself with perfect balance while executing the most technical movements.  We do not need to teach the horse how to move.  However, we do need to teach the horse how to move under our weight based on our cues.  This is the equivalent of teaching a child who can speak how to read and write.  We must take the horse’s natural…


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Body Awareness: A Ridden Meditation

Riding can be a form of moving meditation.  When you do a walking meditation you work on quieting the mind, becoming fully aware of your surroundings and experiencing the present moment.  You use intense concentration on each movement your body makes to help bring you into this meditative state.  Walking meditation is often easier for an individual than a long sitting meditation because you do not have to quiet the body and the mind.  I would argue that a riding meditation is even more…


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