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Slow Feeding for Ulcer Prevention


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How to Read a Feed Tag


Lysine, lactobacillus acidophilus, selenium, crude fiber, crude protein.  What is it?  What does it all mean?  This crash course on feed labels should help shed…

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Horse & Rider Struck by Lightning


Sometimes no amount of protective gear or training can stop accidents from happening.   Especially when Mother Nature is involved.

On Wednesday April 27, 2016  a very accomplished equine professional and his horse were struck and killed by lightning in Mantachie, MS. …


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Pasture Management 101

stock image Farmer working with his tractor on a lush green pasture in the English countryside to ensure the best possible grazing for his livestock

Is your pasture lush and green or sparse and weedy?  Maintaining an established pasture is easier than you think.  There are several key ingredients to basic pasture management: soil, fertilizer, weed control, and rotation. …


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So You Bought a Pony for Christmas. Now What?

"I want a pony for Christmas."  The phrase uttered by little girls everywhere and feared by parents across the world.  The "Christmas Pony" novelty has been mocked by TV and social media for years, but is it really as bad as the eBay commercial would have you believe?…


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A Sneak Peak into Down Under Horsemanship

We spent this past Halloween weekend at Clinton Anderson's ranch in Stephenville, Tx for the first annual Ranch Rally.  For two days, Clinton took the crowd through various training exercises using different horses that ranged in both…

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Rescue of the Month - 1 Year Anniversary

Picture Every month we get numerous emails, letters, phone calls from equine rescues all over the country requesting hay net donations.  Unfortunately, we cannot yet honor every request so we are left the heart breaking task of picking and choosing.  There are so many deserving organizations out there.  How do you choose just 1…

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The Road to Rescue - Cheyenne & Warrior's Story

This is how I found her.  Tied to a post.  No food.  No water.  No shelter.

At the time, I was on the board of Dark Horse Rescue.  We…

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Running Wild - The Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin

This September we walked among the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin.  The pictures do not even begin to describe the beauty and peace we experienced that day.  


We had no idea what…

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