This summer, I am working as my coaches working student. This Friday I went to a show to help out and possibly school my friends pony before she went into the large pony division on the a circuit. They went out for their medal round and there was an in and out we knew would be a problem. It was a birch two stride line. She refused the first jump and then got over it the second time. After getting over the first jump she didn't want to do the second, and got another refusal and got excused.
While we were waiting around my coach asked if I wanted to show her in the first jumping class,and I said sure! I live close to the facility so she drove me home to get my show clothes. I warmed up on the pony and headed in the ring. I had practised jumping the two stride with her in the warm up ring and was ready to go. I made her go over the two stride and the rest of the jumps. I would have placed but the silly kid told me the wrong course! I went and did the second jumping class on the pony because she was still looky. That went well and we were on the standby for ribbons till the last rider.
After talking about it, my coach decided to put me on the pony to finish off the jumping in the large pony ring and the kid would hack her. Our third round was good, but we just had a few to many chocolate chips. I came out of the ring and said to my coach...
" We'll that was pretty good considering it was my first time jumping a full 2'9 course and showing 2'9 and riding the pony, don't ya think?!"
She just burst out laughing! I guess I'm sowing 2'p with Peter at my next show! The kid got on the pony and showed her in the children's pony placing well and got her confidence back.
My coach and I went back to the barn and I got Wally, the baby at the barn tacked up. He is a five year old Hanoverian who has no clue how to jump. He is like riding a giant worm that has ADHD. Lately we have just been doing pole courses and a few cross rail courses. My coach decided that we were going to canter vertices! A whole new level for little Wally's brain. Surprisingly after almost dying with a few fliers, I held a firm grip on the holy poop strap and got over the jumps without any casualties. Poor Wally doesn't know how to compress or wait or go forward or do flying changes, but all that will come.
When this horse first came to our barn on training, I walked into the arena as he was on the lunge line. I looked right at my coach and Said...
" this thing is going to be a hunter?!" She just laughed because at the time his head was way up in the air and he was barely even trotting he was so stubborn!
She said give it three months and he would be jumping courses. I can gladly say we are half way through that three months and its looking brighter every day I get on him. Even though he makes me stressed sometimes, I just always say, he's a baby don't blame it on him, just have fun and make it fun for him.
More updates on Wally are to come and any other catch rides at shows will be heard of for sure! I'm just trying out this blog thing because it seems neat and I figured some people may have the same opinions as me on things. Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Barnmice Media on June 10, 2013 at 9:05pm

No worries about the spelling mistakes Paige :) Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

Comment by Paige West on June 9, 2013 at 10:26am
Sorry for some spelling mistakes

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