I am working a 7 yr old morgan/qtr mare who gives 1-2 lessons per week and the rest of the time is lunged or ridden by me. When I lunge her, she always keeps her attention on me. The last few days when people have tried to lunge her she has wanted to try and almost jump out of the round pen and wont come in when you ask her to. Any suggestions? Class how would you reply?

Anny Smith
Anny Smith
Ok, what I'd like to know is how many *other* people are lunging her and are you all using the same method, the same voice commands, body language, etc.? Then, you said she keeps going even when you ask her to rest, right? Use Pressure and Release when you lunge her (although I'd try to free lunge her since you have a round pen which is hopefullyto high for her to jump over). That means, make her work and use your body like a lead horse that herds, then as soon as you see her chew, lets down her head a lil and even comes in a bit, stop walking, turn your shoulder halfway towards her and don't move.... wait.... when she stops and looks at you... try to get her to join up with you. If she won't, make her work again. It usually shouldn't take long for her to realize that she will get release through the right response... which is stopping and submitting to you. It seems to me that she is a lil confused by all the different people that lunge her. Either that or something happened and someone hurt her, gave her the wrong signals. Too many cooks ruin the soup they say. And you know, horses have their bad days too sometimes.... or their period, although I personally haven't had a mare that would completely ignore me like that even when they were in heat
Either way, be patient and try to get to the root of her problem. Watch her closely. Horses can tell you everything you need to know if you just watch them well enough.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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There is only one good reason why this is happening. Did you check her teeth.. Or she has two swirls on her forehead. lol

Very good reply Anny. I like your cridical thinking. I wish I could see video of this..

Here is a concept for you guys. Why can a horse and a lyon drink out of the same watering whole? Why can a horse drink out of the watering whole when a lyon is 10 ft away? Horses read body language more than you will ever realize.

A horse can read intent. They know if that lyons is hungry or not. They can read that lyon's thoughts through his body language.

Do I need to go any further with this answer. Do you think that two people can round pen or lunge the same way? Do you think that two people have the exact timing and feel. Do you think that two people can respond the same in each reaction to the horse.

I have a well broke demo horse this is as broke as they come. He can do no wrong. Anyone that has spent quality time with him can attest to this, but he rides and acts different with each individual.

Horses go to the level of the individual. The horse is doing exactly what he thinks he needs to do to get relief from the pressure. A horse wants peace, and is always looking for peace.

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