Imagine you and your horse sharing  the same air, then in the same way we share the same energetic environment.  If the air you are breathing is polluted, then both of you are breathing polluted air. Now let's apply that to a barn environment.  When you go into some barns the horses are all happy, in good weight, friendly and interested to see new people.  In other barns they are all standing with their backs to the stall doors, or running around terrified inside their stalls, or totally dead and unresponsive.   If you look in a horse's eyes you will see the emotion.  As the universe has been proved to be an energetic one - and energy affects everything, we cannot separate the inside from the outside, it is all one.  When the barn is a negative place, the horses all are affected by the energy.  This energy actually can affect body chemistry, chemical reactions and even major organ function as it's been proven already by such visionaries as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Emotion affects your body on a cellular level, so if you are dancing the macarena, your whole body and all the cells are dancing too!  This also works for negative emotion, which raises your stress hormones like cortisol and  adrenalin.  It's the same with our horses!  For the science behind this watch Dr. Bruce LIpton on Youtube or buy his book "The Biology of Belief". It's all there.


So just imagine what being in a negative atmosphere does to your animals!  They have no blockages or barriers to put up to defend themselves, as they do not have the ego and are open to receive all thought waves and patterns all the time.  The animals do not know how to clear the stress, and of course because horses have a collective consciousness, this is harder for them. This means that they literally absorb all the emotion of every other horse in the barn, so they feel what the other horses are feeling.  In the wild this is part of their survival instinct, as if one horse starts to run to flee danger, the whole herd will follow without question.  Whenever my horses behavior started to change, I know it was a sign of unseen things going on at the barn, could be the energy, could be the lack of regular feeding, could be negative and untrained barn staff, a lot of things.  Then I would start looking for another barn because you as an owner often don't see what really goes on at the barn.  We are not there, which is one of the reasons I like to self board, then I get to see more and be there more, but it's not always an option with people who are not self - employed like me. Sometimes geopathic pathways in the earth created by mineral deposits in the ground set up a negative electromagnetic field and the horses are uncomfortable, may colic or be otherwise always lame or ill.  They are that  sensitive to their environment and in nature they would move on, but when we have them stalled or in paddocks they cannot escape so they get ill.


As a horse owner, you have to become more aware of the toxic negative energy your horse may be experiencing in some barns, they do not like dark places and being kept inside too much. Horses are meant to be outside as much as possible, so they can recharge their energy from the forces of nature, the sun, wind, earth and sky.  We are actually able to do that too, but we often ignore the gifts mother nature has for us, it's around us all the time and it will recharge our bodies energetically if we allow it to do so. Getting away from Electromagnetic frequency is hard these days with all the cell phones etc., but being away in nature is great help.  Take your horses for regular trail rides, let them be outside more. Turn off your phone or leave it in your tackbox when you are riding, after all, your horse deserves your full attention when you are spending  time with them.  There are many things you can do to help clear the energy, one of them is putting an amethyst crystal in the horse's stall, and the other is to give your horse an Epsom salt bath, it's good for aches and pains too!  Adding essential oils like Lavender help to reduce stress and change the energy, especially useful after a show or some other stressful situation like trailering or clipping.  The more we allow both ourselves and our horses to reconnect with mother nature, the happier and less stressed we will all be, and healthier too!  Remember - emotional, physical and spiritual health are all interchangeable, you can't affect one without affecting the others, until next time Blessings always, All Ways, Namaste.

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Comment by P.Ann Turner on October 2, 2012 at 11:58am

Thanks Barbara,  this is the theme of the clinics I am setting up for next year, do connect the dots.  I call it Transformational Equine LIfe coaching, so if you want more where this came from, join my public  page on facebook called Ann's Horsemanship, or subscribe to my e - blasts on my website, and you will receive the updates of what I am doing and where, working on one in England next year, but I will be running them locally from my barn here in Aldergrove BC as well.  Glad you enjoyed  the article, cheers, Ann.

Comment by Barbara F. on October 2, 2012 at 10:05am

What a thoughtful and inspiring article. In so many barns, the drama and negative energy among the boarders is overwhelming. It just has to affect the horses as well.

Lots to think about.

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