I am 28 years old and have been working with Thoroughbred race horses since my college years. I have had a hand in nearly every aspect of the Thoroughbred industry, from breaking yearlings at Juddmonte Farms in Lexington, KY to working with mares and foals, to exercising flat horses as well as steeplechase horses, and working with horses in rehab.  In 2010, I found After the Races, a 501(c)3 that rehabilitates and rehomes Thoroughbred race horses while promoting the usefulness and versatility of the breed.  We take horses straight from the track, rehab them or let them down on the farm, and then begin their retraining as they look for their new home.

I love my work and to date this has been the most mentally and emotionally rewarding venture I have pursued. Working with injuries and helping Thoroughbreds transition to their new life comes easily to me and I love the work I get to do riding and training them for non-racing careers. I think Thoroughbreds are the best breed of horse in the world, and if you have a good one, nothing can beat it. They are intelligent, highly trainable, athletic, have endless endurance and tremendous hearts. 

Recently, I applied and was accepted to become one of 35 riders in the longest and toughest horse race on earth: the Mongol Derby.  As soon as I first learned about the race I knew it was something I wanted to do. The adventure and challenge appealed to me on a level that is hard to explain.  For 1000 kilometers, largely on my own, I will be riding a series of 25 semi-wild Mongolian horses guided only by a map and a GPS in a very rural country.

In addition to the challenge, the race is important to me because we are encouraged to ride for charity. I will of course be riding to support After the Races. Starting in 2014 I will have an online donation drive and pledge drive to raise money for ATR. People will be able to make a flat donation or promise various amounts per horse station I am able to reach on the ride (total of 25). I cannot wait and hope it will be the most successful fundraising effort yet for ATR.

For more information on the ride and my efforts to reach Mongolia, please visit my personal website: Bonnie For the Win!

For more information on After the Races and the work we do there, or to donate to After the Races directly, please visit: After the Races

I update a blog on BonnieForTheWin.com but hope to update here with various updates, derby related, rescue related, and otherwise. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here at BarnMice.com!

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on November 28, 2013 at 9:14am

I'm looking forward to your reports!

People forget that the Thoroughbred is the standard for all the horse sports, the Thoroughbred coformation, Thoroughbred heart, and the Thoroughbred willingness to keep on giving a little bit more.

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