Well it seems I am meant to once again be breaking open boundaries and doing things that no one else is doing!  I should be used to this by now, after all I have always been a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  Last week I lost my old grey mare Silver at the age of 21, and of course I cried rivers.  However, it was she that came to me in meditation and told me what her gift to me was, and quite frankly, I was blown away!!

Silver has offered to help me from the world of Spirit, to do more distance healing with animals, and has opened up the doorway for me to do the Karmic Release healing.  For those of you who have no clue  what this is - let me explain.  Karma is the inherited energy we have from past lives, lessons we bring forward into this life to heal and learn from.  Animals also have Karma, and we attract animals into our lives who have similar issues to clear.  Ever notice how abused owners also have abused animals?  This is no accident, its the Law of Attraction in action.

Karmic Release healing is something I have been practising for years on myself, but I never gave much thought to doing this for animals and their owners, and yet - since all life is connected - we are all made of the same stuff - atoms etc., then it makes sense that we experience things collectively also.  Ever notice that horses and their owners have the same aches and pains, stiffness on the same side and even internal conditions?  I know one lady whose horses all suffer from metabolic disorders like Cushings and Insulin Resistance, and guess what? She has Lupus!  Our animals and ourselves all have the same energetic signature, or we are on the same wavelength if you like.  We can get trapped into a cycle of dis-ease and malfunction, spiritually, emotionally and physically, and this is what Karmic Release helps to heal.

This is done by using sacred ceremonies where I  clear my own energy  field of all external clutter, then I have a form the owners have to fill out with all the details necessary for me to get a good picture of what is going on with the animal.  I also have a series of  questions I ask the animal using Kinesiology and it includes all the minerals, vitamins and testing for any supplements, hay etc. they may be getting.  I also test for the environment, water supply, energy of the ground, power lines and geopathic resistance,  trainers and saddle fit.  I also ask the horse if it likes it's job, or would rather be doing something else.  This process can take up to 3 hours depending on the seriousness of the animals condition and how much the owner is affected, or is unknowlingly passing on stress and emotion to the animal which results in the ill- health of both.  As we all share common energy - the Energy of the Universe, all plants, animals, water, air, earth is connected.  To understand this better without me going into an explanation of Quantum Physics, read a book called "The Biology of Belief" by Dr.  Bruce Lipton, you will find all the science there with the evidence that proves that our Universe is an Energetic one and not made just of matter.

As many people become aware that the world is changing, right down to the fact that it's axis shifted after the Tsunami, this type of work is becoming more accepted and recognized.  We are in the age of Aquarius now, a new age of co-creation with each other and Mother Nature, not the age of co-dependance.  We are globally and personally having to reconstruct our lives to live in a fast changing world. These past 2 years have seen huge changes and shifts in my personal and professional life, a baptism of Fire if you will, but nonetheless, exciting, stimulating and very rewarding.  I have been through an Extreme Makeover in more ways than one for sure!! I am sure many of you out there feel the same, and I look forward to sharing my lessons and gifts with  the world, so we can all move forward with ease and grace.

  I now have the spirit of the great Secretariat as one of my guides - his goal is to help competition horses of all types, not just racehorses, to have the heart to compete and not be afraid.  Together with him and others too numerous to mention, I can clear negative energy and allow the animal to perform resistance free, as just having someone show up at a competition that is jealous of you and your horse can throw a monkey wrench into your performance - did you know that?  The horse feels the negative vibes even if you don't, so it's not just all about the training, the energetic environment plays a huge role. Perhaps you have noticed that you always have problems when you go on a certain trail ride, or a certain show ground, or your horse just doesn't like that indoor arena, and you cannot figure out why?  Well its because of the energy, something unseen is upsetting the horse, and this is where I can help.  I did a clearing recently for an upper level dressage horse who had to compete for the first time in the presence of an old trainer and his crew, who were very abusive to this animal when she was with him.  On the first day of competition, the horse was scoring lower than usual, made a lot of mistakes and seemed to not be listening to the rider.   The owner called me that night and asked for help.  I spoke to the rider and told her to go into the stall and ride the test visually with her hand on the horse, including what the movements should look like and how she was going to ask for them.  Then I went to work with crystals and I called in the Heavenly help.  Well the next day, the horse was back to her old self, she went out  there and came 2nd with a much better Dressage score, and even though the negative people were around it did not affect her like it had the previous day.  The rider and owner were thrilled, and said she was back to her old self, confidant, happy and strutting her stuff!!  So you see, this energy work does have practical applications, and it does work.


If I had one wish, it would be to change the way competition horses are treated, trained and ridden. There is so much more we could do if the animal was given choices and listened to!  They will do anything for you, if you allow  them to have fun, be themselves, live in the right environment and do the sport they like, in other words have a voice in how their life is going - co-creation, not co-dependance, choice not domination. What a wonderful world that would be, and I can help you create that with your horse!  In the words of John Lennon - IMAGINE!!!



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