Balance - And How to Achieve It - Part I

Balance is one of the main ingredients for a successful partnership with a horse - be it on the ground or riding. When looking at the horse from a horsemanship perspective, we check his physical, mental and emotional balance. With us humans, it's the same. We can loose our balance because our body is unable to keep it up, because we are emotionally troubled or because our mind struggles with some concepts and disturbs it. Of course, these aspects are interlinked as well. Depending on the person, the three parameters of balance are easier or harder to achieve.

I decided I wanted to do a small series on balance, exploring all three parts, writing about my experiences and giving tips (and links to helpful articles and videos) on how to become better balanced.

Many horses are balanced in themselves as long as the
human does not interfere. Foto: Nadja

Today, we are starting with a general approach to the physical part of balance.

Naturally, I am not the most balanced person. I am the kind who grasps a rail when looking down an abyss to stabilize me and I only clumsily survive the climbing crag - which makes me not exactly an athletic person (I always was the last to be asked to join a team in sports classes at school - I'd rather run from a ball than catching it).
When it comes to horses, the picture doesn't vary a lot: A slight bolt and I loose my stirrups, and a slight buck sends me flying over the horses neck. Both of which doesn't give me too much confidence in tricky situations. But that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

As always, change isn't easy but possible. And the measures to achieve it are simple as well: start it, become active, and expose yourself to situations where you need balance and that help you gain more awareness of you body. It's a process. Unbalanced as we are, it takes time.
Don't exaggerate - stretch the limits of you comfort zone but don't override them, because you will loose confidence instead of gaining it. 
In the second part of this small series about balance I'll dive into the practical side of developing physical balance. 
I'd love to hear your experiences and tips!

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