Barn Designs for Easier Stall Cleaning

When you own a horse barn with multiple horses, there’s a good chance that you spend most of your chore time cleaning stalls. Stall cleaning is a necessary chore, but did you know that you can actually design your horse barn to make stall cleaning easier? Here are some tips that you’ll want to consider when planning and building your barn!

Include Generously Sized Stalls

One of the biggest mistakes that new barn owners make is to install stalls in their barn that are really too small for their horses. While a 12’ by 12’ stall is generally accepted as an appropriate size for most horses, if your horses are large, a 12’ by 12’ stall can actually be a tight fit.

When your horse doesn’t have adequate space to move around during the night, he will be forced to turn in circles. This motion can churn his stall into a mess; by morning, you may be faced with a stall that needs to be stripped. Opting for stalls which are generously sized for your horses will help to keep the stalls neater overall.

Install Stall Mats to Protect the Stall’s Base

Rubber stall mats are a necessity when you’re trying to make stall cleaning easier. Installing stall mats can help to prevent your horse from mixing the stall’s base into his bedding, while also creating a smooth surface which makes stall cleaning easier.

Reduce Your Bedding with a Stable Comfort System

The StableComfort System is a stall mattress system which provides excellent cushion to your horse’s stall. A rubber crumb-filled mattress is covered by a thick rubber cover, creating a supportive and soft basis for the stall. The StableComfort System reduces the amount of bedding that you have to use for cushion, keeping your stall cleaning chores fast and easy.

Include Adequate Lighting in Each Stall

There’s nothing worse than trying to clean a stall in dim light. When you build your barn, be sure to install adequate lighting in each stall. Any lights that you install should be properly surrounded by a protective cage. Opt for strong barn lighting so that you can always see when you’re doing chores during the wintertime, when the sun is out less.

Install Barn Fans to Keep You Cool

Stall cleaning during the summer can be an unpleasantly hot chore. Opt to install barn fans to help with air circulation. Turning these fans on at the beginning of your stall cleaning chores can help to keep you cool, making the chore of stall cleaning more tolerable.

Stall cleaning is a necessary chore in any horse barn. Which of these methods will you put to use to make your stall cleaning chores easier?

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