Blogging About Blogging: Thank You!

It’s Independence Day, time to celebrate liberty and freedom. May we ever run free.

Blogs are a kind of like having a vote. It’s a place to articulate thoughts, say your peace, and give others the same opportunity. I started writing this blog, Relaxed and Forward, a little over three years ago and it’s become a habit that gives me back so much. I’ve passed a few writing milestones recently, and I wanted to say Thank You.

“Lives spent between the house and the chicken yard do not make exciting copy.” Flannery O’Connor.

That might be true, all the more reason to be grateful to you for reading. I think time is about our most valuable asset and I appreciate you sharing some of yours with me.

I spend an inordinate amount of my own time talking to myself while I’m mucking the barn. So much in fact, that I am at a total loss to know how horse-less people string their thoughts together at all. At any rate, this blog is a direct result of mucking, so I have my horses to thank as well.

My blog started with only a handful of local friends who kindly followed me, their loyalty is long winded and very precious to me. Over 300 posts later, my blog is read in 137 countries, thanks to the magic of the internet. I’ve made some long distance friends and been treated to a view into their lives, and I trade back my small corner of Colorado. It’s a very sweet deal. Horses are a universal passion and we all have more in common than not.

Some of you readers, and you know who you are, don’t have horses or ride at all, but still follow the blog relentlessly. Thank you for seeing between the lines and past the margins, you are my favorites!

If you find my blog on a website, like Facebook or Barnmice, you might not know that I post twice a week. The second post is a photo challenge that I manipulate to fit my farm. For those of you who prefer my photography to my writing, thanks for that, too. It’s been pure fun for me. (If you are interested in seeing all the posts, click on the sign me up button on the upper right, and you’ll get all my posts in your mailbox.)

Aside from being my soapbox, I also use my blog as a kind of writers group- giving myself assignments, word limits, and a deadline. Writing is just like riding, consistency creates improvement. In my spontaneous and erratic work schedule, writing is a challenge that I savor. Last Christmas I started writing an actual book. I finished the first draft this week (big sigh), and I think I have all of you to thank for that as well. Without the weekly encouragement I got from writing short posts for the blog, I am not sure I could have slogged along for over 300 pages. Writing is a solitary endeavor and when you click that like button or post a comment, I am so appreciative of that nod of support.

I repeat, my book is just in the first draft, there is a world of work left to do. I will take a week or two to rest up, do some related errands, and then take a high, sweet swan dive into the manuscript and dog paddle towards shore. Finally, while I am wrangling out details about publishing, I will probably come groveling back, asking you for more favors, and thanks in advance for that. I’m glad to be in your extended herd.

In the meantime, the updated Relaxed and Forward trots on. Thank you kindly for riding along.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

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