“broke” vs “trained” / broke horse”

There IS a difference between a “broke” horse and a “trained” / broke horse” just because a horse is “broke” to ride does NOT mean he or she is “trained” Does your horse know how to “flex” and “give” to pressure? Can you do a “one rein stop”? I can train your horse to do these two simple tasks and more. I can teach him or her to lunge, neck rein, correct leads/lead changes, to back, side pass, run barrels, poles, trailer load, etc. and I can teach YOU as the owner how to keep your horse on the right track. I have owned/trained horses for over 40 years.

$25.00 an hour and I come to your place.

Just like there IS a difference between the English language and whatever it is that you just vomited onto craigslist.  It literally hurt my soul to read that.

Thank you craigslist for providing what we like to call a “breeding ground of stupidity”.   Just a quick tip, from us to you, just because a horse is “flexed” does NOT mean he or she is “trained”.  And just because you have “owned/trained horses for over 40 years” doesn’t mean you have been training ‘em right!  Did you see, anywhere in that ad, a smidgen of qualification?

Jumper Girl may have beat her head against a wall when reading "Enjoys Being Brushed", but this one made me (Dressage Princess) beat my head against my desk (it was more convenient than the wall).

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