It was interesting to see this in the "International Horse News" section:

"Fifty horse DNA samples have been delivered to a Texas university by two horse riders to further the knowledge of the Canadian horse breed.
Canadian film-makers Rick Blackburn and his wife Louise Leroux made the three-month 2500-mile journey on two Canadian horses from Quebec to Texas A&M University."

Now that's a long hack! ;)

I do question the numbers quoted in the article. When researching Canadian Horses I found the current estimate of the number of purebred Canadian Horses to be higher than the number given.

The article also does not mention the fact that DNA studies of Canadian Horses, including an examination of which breeds seem to be closely related, have already been done.

There is always room for more research and for more detailed analyses of the Canadian Horse genome. I am interested to see the results. I do however feel that population estimates should be verified to ensure that they are current, and that prior studies should be acknowledged.

The scientist in me craves accuracy and also acknowledgement of researchers who have previously tread similar ground. ;)

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